They’re Here! Cristiano Siqueira’s Final Twin Peaks Posters For Part 17 & 18

The third season of Twin Peaks wasn’t completely over until now.

Welcome to Twin Peaks is proud to —at exactly 2:53 PM PST— exclusively reveal Cristiano Siqueira‘s final posters for Part 17 and Part 18, officially concluding the artist’s personal challenge to design a poster for every part of the new series every week. Like many of us, Cristiano got a bit emotional after the finale and had to let it sink in for a while, but after keeping us in suspense for 10 days, the outcome is GLORIOUS as usual!

Make sure to check out the rest of Cristiano’s extraordinary Twin Peaks poster collection. Probably the biggest mystery of this season is why Showtime isn’t selling these in the official merch store.

UPDATE: They are available for sale here.

Would Cristiano do another poster series if David Lynch and Mark Frost return with a 4th season of Twin Peaks?


Twin Peaks: Part 17

Twin Peaks: Part 17 poster by Cristiano Siqueira

Twin Peaks: Part 18

Twin Peaks: Part 18 poster by Cristiano Siqueira

Bonus: Audrey’s Dance from Twin Peaks: Part 16

Audrey Horne poster by Cristiano Siqueira

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. I know you said CBS asked him to stop selling these posters. Is there a chance they’ll change their stance since the show has completed its run?
    It seems pretty lousy that others are able to sell their TP art, but not him.

  2. I want them AAAALLLLLL. I feel lucky to have snagged a couple before they were off the market. Thank you, Cristiano! They are treasures.

  3. Cristiano, your “Part 18” is sublime. All the drawings are beautiful. But this one speaks volumes to me about the meaning.

  4. I adore your work.

    Do you have any copies of the 18 poster by any chance that would be available for sale?

    Thanks kindly for your time.


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