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Twin Peaks Remix “I Am My Prayer” Mashes Up Two Of Season 3’s Most Memorable Songs

Two birds with one stone.

The new Twin Peaks soundtracks are out on CD and MP3 since last Friday, giving me the opportunity to create a mashup of arguably the new series’ two most iconic songs.

First one is the Raphael Saadiq-sampling “I Am (Oldschool HipHop Beat)” by Blunted Beatz, aka Lorraine’s Theme, randomly discovered on YouTube by David Lynch. The other song is “My Prayer” by The Platters, as heard in this series’ most overwhelming hours, Part 8 and 18.

Hear this and other exclusive Twin Peaks and David Lynch reworks and rarities in my DJ set at PhilaMOCA’s Eraserhood Forever with Chrysta Bell coming up in November. And if Jean-Michel Renault is reading this, yes, I’m available for parties at the Roadhouse!

UPDATE: Tammie Baird (Lorraine) herself approved the remix!

@ThatsOurWaldo — I Am My Prayer (Oldschool Twin Peaks Beat)

When the twilight is gone
and no songbirds are singing
When the twilight is gone
you come into my heart
And here in my heart you will stay
while I pray



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Twin Peaks Remix “I Am My Prayer” Mashes Up Two Of Season 3's Most Memorable Songs

“When the twilight is gone, I'm a good man...”

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