New Twin Peaks Characters And Locations Appear In “It Is Happening Again” Teaser


—Gordon Cole

Whoa. David Lynch is definitely revealing more than expected.

Introducing new cast members Ben Rosenfield, Madeline Zima, Melissa Bailey, Kathleen Deming (not in the official cast list), Nicole LaLiberte, Gia Carides and Jessica Szohr. But who is this?

Kathleen Deming in the new Twin Peaks teaser
Kathleen Deming in the new Twin Peaks teaser

Also in this teaser are Harry Goaz, Miguel Ferrer, David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan, Mädchen Amick and Kimmy Robertson.

Hat tip to Spencer!

UPDATE: Watch Mädchen Amick respond to the teaser on her first viewing.

Ben Rosenfield as a yet unknown character in the new Twin Peaks
Nicole LaLiberte in the new Twin Peaks teaser
Nicole LaLiberte in the new Twin Peaks teaser: “He’s coming. I have to get off the phone.”
Gia Carides, Mädchen Amick and Jessica Zohr in the Roadhouse
Gia Carides, Mädchen Amick and Jessica Zohr in the Roadhouse

Madeline Zima in Twin Peaks
Madeline Zima in Twin Peaks: “Try me.” 

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  1. Who is the actress in her underwear sitting on the bed? Her voice sounds very familiar and her face kind of looks similar, but I can’t place her.

  2. Anybody think Ben Rosenfeld is the guy who’s been watching the Palmer house and who taped up Laura’s photo?

  3. I am so excited for this show to come back, and I have to accept that this is the vision that David Lynch and Mark Frost wanted to deliver, but I continue to be disappointed in the visual palette that is being delivered, the color and tone is so radically different from the warm colors of the original series. I know a compromise was made to use digitial instead of film, but this just doesn’t look right. I’m trying not to be super negative. It will still be David Lynch’s vision and Mark Frost’s writing, and it has a tremendous cast. But I want it to remind me of Twin Peaks, not Inland Empire.

    • I’m thinking that “Fire Walk With Me in 2017” is a better approximation of what we’re gonna get than what “Twin Peaks Season 3” conjures in a lot of minds.

      • It certainly appears closer in tone to FWWM than the original run, I agree. I guess I have 18 hours of nightmare fodder ahead of me. I don’t know what they have planned regarding BOB, whether they are using digital reproduction and a human actor on set ala The Social Network, or if they are just using one of the many relatively unknown actors as a look alike or if they are creating an entirely new replacement for him, but I am prepared to be terrified again. It is a testament to Frank Silvia’s performance that I still avoid watching scenes with him and I still have nightmares of him, 25 years later.

    • I still see a very strong red hue in all of the shots I’ve seen so far. Personally, the further the new series can be from the over-the-top cheesy comedy crap in the second series the better. I am hoping for the darkest nightmare.

    • So true! I’m glad some other people feel this way. The coloring of this footage is remarkably bad. You can at least make digital footage look compelling visually – this looks ungraded and flat.

      • You’re obviously not an expert.. “ungraded” lol.. Lynch obviously went for a quite stylized grading, which purposefully uses “ugly flaws” of digital shots, just as in Inland Empire. I find the color grading remarkably good!! So far I really really dig the cinematography

        If you want the look to be the same as in the show well then.. Watch the show again. This will be different. I see in this a summation of all the styles from FWWM to Inland Empire and in my book that’s a very good thing

    • That would make sense too.. Maybe someone’s desperately waiting for the Good Cooper to get out of the lodge, literally camping outside?

  4. Revisiting Twin Peaks today is like seeing old friends from 25 years ago. The times have changed and they may seem different, but the stories remain the same with many new twists and turns.
    One may choose to move forward and walk with fire or rest in the peace beside the burnt-out embers of a Cooper/Briggs campsite.

  5. It won’t be FWWM in terms of visuals. That one was also shot on celluloid. This is Lynch embracing the raw Arri Amire picture. It’s better to compare it to a nature documentary than anything else that came before it. Twin Peaks is now redefined. It’s Twin Peaks but it’s not Twin Peaks.
    It’s Twin Peaks.

  6. I am pretty sure, Bob will be played by Robert Knepper. Who else could he play in Twin Peaks? The Son of Hank Jennings? Come on! He is the New Bob.

  7. Disappointing. I just saw FWWM last week in the cinema. Regardless of what you might think about it in terms of narrative, the film itself is beautiful. It was shot on celluloid. This looks ungraded RAW footage. I would’ve rather have seen 2 hours on film than 18 hours on that ARRI camera.

    • Aye, nothing beats the look of celluloid. I’m okay with the new look myself, but I do love 35mm so. Sadly however it’s cost prohibitive. Only big movies directed by film-makers with clout such as Nolan can persuade studios to go that route. For a respected auteaur who’s critically well regarded but frequently of late uncommercial, I can’t blame Showtime for not ponying up for film stock.

      That”s why Lynch does digital, it enables him to do work he otherwise couldn’t afford. Pretty sure this is the only compromise, however.

      Can’t wait, BTW!

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