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“The” Nine Inch Nails Use Angelo Badalamenti’s “Fireman” In Set Intro, Play “She’s Gone Away” Live For The First Time

Around the same time Showtime aired Twin Peaks Part 12, Nine Inch Nails headlined New York City’s Panorama Festival on Randall’s Island last Sunday. Before the band walked on stage, their intro included Angelo Badalamenti’s “Fireman” from Part 8 —the same hour they were in— followed by some [intense whooshing].

NIN’s Panorama set list did not include their contribution to the Twin Peaks soundtrack, but they did perform “She’s Gone Away” live for the very first time (i.e. without lip-syncing) in a hastily-announced show at NYC’s Webster Hall the day after. On both nights, Trent Reznor wore the same outfit (leather jacket, gloves and sunglasses) like he did in the Roadhouse. Thanks to several fans, you can watch (and compare) below.

Nine Inch Nails LIVE at Panorama in New York City (July 30, 2017)

Nine Inch Nails – She’s Gone Away LIVE at Webster Hall, NYC (July 31, 2017)

“The” Nine Inch Nails at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks, WA



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“The” Nine Inch Nails Use Angelo Badalamenti's “Fireman” In Set Intro, Play “She's Gone Away” Live For The First Time

“The” Nine Inch Nails brought the world of Twin Peaks into their live sets in New York City.

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