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Chromatics And Johnny Jewel To Appear On The New Twin Peaks Soundtrack (And A Clue Why The Song Could Be “Cherry”)

Chromatics and Johnny Jewel are involved with the new season of Twin Peaks, says the band's management.
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Chromatics’ management, Echo Park Records, today revealed the involvement of the band in the new Twin Peaks. In the image attached to the announcement, vinyl copies of their long-awaited and jokingly described as “Lynchonian” Dear Tommy album lie next to Laura Palmer’s homecoming queen portrait.

Diane, please note that these items are all broken.

The tweet comes almost a year after singer Ruth Radelet was confirmed to be part of the official Twin Peaks cast list —hence the inclusion of two Chromatics songs in the Twin Peaks 2017 Cast Mixtape— so its purpose seems to be to indicate that her full band will appear in the series, or at least on the new soundtrack.

But wait.

What’s interesting about the timing is that around the same time of Alexis Rivera’s tweet, Showtime’s official Twin Peaks Instagram account shared a picture of a cherry reflecting Audrey Horne and captioned it “there are clues everywhere – all around us.” Now, fans of Chromatics know that “Cherry” happens to be a 2012 song of which a new version will appear on their upcoming album, Dear Tommy. Are they indeed dropping clues on us about what to expect in the new Twin Peaks?Showtime - @TwinPeaks - Cherry

Here’s the rather poppy original of Cherry, but it’s not hard to imagine a smokier Roadhouse version.

Unlike Ruth Radelet, composer and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Jewel (born John Padgett) was not mentioned in the cast list. Will he appear on stage at the Roadhouse as part of Chromatics, or is he contributing his own music like he did for the soundtracks of Lost River and Home?

The other active Chromatics members, Adam Miller and Nat Walker, were not specifically mentioned.

Ruth Radelet & Johnny Jewel (Chromatics X Twin Peaks)

UPDATE: Johnny Jewel’s new album, Windswept, will be out May 10th and includes “music that will be in the upcoming third season of Twin Peaks.” With song titles like Missing Pages, Strobe Lights, Slow Dreams, Motel, The Flame, and Between Worlds, it seems like we’ll be getting quite a preview of the new soundtrack!

Johnny Jewel - Windswept

Chromatics – Cherry (Lyrics)

Tells me some things I don’t want to know
And I can’t see
A light at the end for us anymore
But I can’t keep crying
All of the time
No I can’t keep crying
All of the time
Can be very sweet when she needs a friend
But it’s only
A mask that she wears so she can pretend
And I can’t keep running
All of the time
No I can’t keep running
All of the time
I hate that it’s true but you make me blue
I kept waiting
For you to find what I see in you
And I can’t keep quiet
All of the time
No I can’t keep quiet
All of the time
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What's your response to this?


  1. Pumkinheadfan says:

    I hope they use Black Lodge by Anthrax somewhere in the revival series. If there was ever a song that was written out of pure fandom love of Twin Peaks as well as sound like it would have fit perfectly into the show it would have been this song. granted it’s hard to do that. I know they don’t really release those “inspired by (insert movie/TV show name here)” compilation albums anymore like they use to, well this would be track 1 if they did. Who knows I’m sure there are other songs or Music Videos that are inspired (at various levels) by Twin Peaks and with the talk of original non Angelo Badalamenti scores being tapped for the revival I figured i’d mention this for newer fans of Twin Peaks who may not know or have never heard this song before. Heck even reminding older fans that this song exists for that matter.


    This is the most relevant video I found. The band’s original was kinda distracting to the song IMO.

  2. Jason Eldridge says:

    Where do I buy a poster for that Laura Palmer/Dear Tommy picture?

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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