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Man From Another Place Dances In New Twin Peaks Teaser, Despite Michael J. Anderson Denying Involvement

Almost one year to the day after David Lynch and Mark Frost announced more Twin Peaks, Showtime debuted a second Twin Peaks teaser.
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New Twin Peaks teaser on Showtime featuring the dancing Man From Another Place

Almost one year to the day after David Lynch and Mark Frost announced more Twin Peaks with a first teaser, Showtime debuted a new Twin Peaks promo ahead of last night’s season premiere of Homeland.

No cup of coffee flying through a window yet, or even an establishing shot of the remodeled Double R Diner. Not even a hint of when the new series will premiere. Perhaps because of the project’s slow start due to budgeting issues, one year of our patience is rewarded only with recycled footage of the dancing Man from Another Place.

Twin Peaks – New Season Tease “Dancing”


Despite being prominently featured in this 15-second teaser, Michael J. Anderson on Facebook has repeatedly stated —even as recent as September 30th— that he won’t be returning to the show. After seeing this, I’d be surprised and disappointed if that’s indeed the case.

Michael J. Anderson says he's not returning to Twin Peaks

Or maybe, as pointed out by reader Ryan Jones, this is just a promo for the reruns on Showtime? UPDATE: As you can notice from the title of the updated embedded clip, its editor calls it a new season tease.

What are your thoughts?

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What's your response to this?


  1. jim Ellis says:

    just know.. we in North Bend, WA miss the crew, the excitement and all of the fun watching parts of our little town become sets for the new filming. Loved to hear the “locals” remark of “all these California types.. you can spot em in a second”.. walking around town.. carousing at night in local establishments.. It was a real hoot!.However, I understand that the “crazies” show up when the airing begins.. happened the first time, 25 years ago, and am assured it will happen again.. anyhow.. it was really a great treat to see during the few weeks all the “outsiders” LOL, were in town and around!..

  2. John G Smoke says:

    Is it possible they could be announcing the returning cast by these 15 sec slots?

  3. Griff says:

    Time will tell if Anderson is in the new season… but I don’t think this is any kind of concealed announcement. Lynch owns the character so he can do what he likes with the Little Man, irrespective of the actor’s feelings. Not saying he WOULD, but y’know, he COULD…

    So I honestly wouldn’t read anything into this beyond “It’s a teaser for new Twin Peaks featuring some of the show’s most iconic imagery.”

  4. Ridge says:

    This is fake

  5. Curt says:

    so my one question, is the still recycled or new footage?

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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