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Good Night, Log Lady… Rest In Peace, Catherine E. Coulson (1943-2015)

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Catherine E. Coulson at the Twin Peaks Fest in July 2015
Catherine E. Coulson (The Log Lady) and owl. At the Twin Peaks Fest in July 2015

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of Catherine E. Coulson. The stage, television and movie actress was best known and loved by all Twin Peaks fans for her role as the enigmatic Log Lady, but as an assistant director on Eraserhead, she has been part of David Lynch‘s surreal cinematic universe for four decades. The heartbreaking news reached Welcome to Twin Peaks via Jennifer Lynch, who shared the following message on Facebook:

Very sad to hear that Catherine E. Coulson passed away today. That was one hell of a spectacular woman. I’m grateful to have been a part of her life.

An official press issued by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, her artistic home for 22 seasons, confirms that she has passed away at her home on the morning of September 28 after a battle with cancer.

“Good Night Sweet Log”Twin Peaks art by Tara Krebs Art.

Posted by Welcome to Twin Peaks on Thursday, September 17, 2015

In November 2014, Catherine E. Coulson personally confirmed she was set to appear in the new episodes of Twin Peaks that went into production this month, but it is unknown whether any scenes with her have already been filmed. Last year, well before the return of Twin Peaks was announced, Catherine reprised her iconic role in a music video for Pretty Little Demons (now: Regrettes).

Catherine E. Coulson as the Log Lady in Pretty Little Demons music video
Catherine E. Coulson’s cameo as the Log Lady in a music video for Pretty Little Demons

My thoughts are with everyone touched by Catherine‘s death.

This post will be updated with messages from fans and friends. In honor of the passing of the Log Lady, please feel free to share your own thoughts and tributes.



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  1. This is so sad… I just learned that for a time, she was married to Jack Nance (who played Pete Martell and Eraserhead.)

    There’s an interesting couple. May they both enjoy an eternal slice of that fine cherry pie, and a bottomless cup of that hot black Joe.

  2. J. Brown says:

    RIP MsCoulson. We’ll see you among the sycamore trees….

  3. the log says:

    And we’ll see you
    in the branches that blow
    in the breeze,
    We’ll see you in the trees
    Under the sycamore trees

    Rest in peace

  4. Magicbat says:

    So sad, especially since she was embarking on a project dear to her. I wish she were still here sharing her unique personality with her friends and family, and the world. We all noticed your sincerity and creativity!

  5. Cecilie says:

    So sad… Rest in peace dear Log Lady. Twin Peaks will not be the same without you.

  6. Nita says:

    I really hope that at some time during this reprisal
    We learn The Log Lady’s backstory. She was one
    Of my favorites from the first time she appeared
    On the original series. I have ALWAYS wondered
    What her deal was!

  7. Jonas Bergman says:

    We will miss her pressance , here in these Woods outside of Uppsala Sweden Her words of wisdom is still within the trees …. regards Östfora Twin Peaks Society

  8. Kevin K. says:

    Rest in peace, Catherine E. Coulson.

    The Log Lady remains eternal…

  9. Shannon Nutt says:

    I hope her death is addressed on the new series. I also hope she left her log to Cooper. 🙂

    As for Catherine, you seemed like a wonderful human being…RIP.

  10. Paul Stewart says:

    We shared many a night at the Sportsman’s Lodge back when the series was on TV. Great lady. Give Peaks a Chance!!

  11. Peter says:

    It’s amazing how such a relatively small role could have such a deep impact. I think if you asked someone that was only vaguely familiar with Twin Peaks, they would mention either the Little Man From Another Place or The Log Lady. She was iconic, and irreplaceable. Twin Peaks may go on with out her, but she was a key element to that special seasoning, that made Twin Peaks, well, Twin Peaks.

  12. Rest in peace, Catherine.

  13. Jason says:


  14. Paul says:

    Rest in peace Catherine, your impact on the lives of other people and contribution to acting has been truly immense. In heaven everything is fine. Under the sycamore trees. Heartfelt condolences to family and friends.

  15. Amy says:

    Rest in peace Catherine. I hope the log went with you and that Jack is waiting for you in the White Lodge.

    I don’t know if I can watch the new series without you. My heart is broken today and I can’t quit crying.

    You were one of a kind. I will never forget you.

  16. Paul says:

    A very sad day for us Twin Peaks fans. 🙁

    “And now, an ending. Where there was once one, there are now two. Or were there always two? What is a reflection? A chance to see two? When there are chances for reflections, there can always be two – or more. Only when we are everywhere will there be just one. It has been a pleasure speaking to you.” – The Log Lady (Introduction to Episode 29: Beyond Life and Death)

  17. Johnny Pal says:

    So so sad to hear of Catherine’s passing. She is an icon: she will be missed.

  18. Eric from Sweden says:

    So nobody knows if she was able to shoot any scenes for season 3? I can’t imagine Twin Peaks without the log lady. Maybe they will cast a look-alike?

  19. John Doggett says:

    Rest In Peace Mrs Coulson…and thank you for your great contribution to the world of Twin Peaks. We really miss you….

  20. Page says:

    The impact and response to this news is really represents the impact the series had on its fans. The fan base is still active and growing 25 years on and the death of Catherine Coulson really shows this. People have been paying their respects to the Log Lady on all social media platforms. If you search the hashtag #catherinecoulson and #riploglady on twitter you can see how the how the news vibrated across social media as hundreds of posts come up with people mourning the loss of Catherine Coulson as the Log Lady. In the words of the Log Lady, “When this kind of fire starts, it is very hard to put out.” The Log Lady was such an iconic character as she embodied the heart and soul of Twin Peaks. Even though she was such an iconic character she played a relatively minor role in the series and this goes to show that each character had an impact on the fan base of the show. Fans among the internet have kept the Twin Peaks universe alive, this site as virtual proof. R.I.P Log Lady, Twin peaks will not be the same without you.

  21. PatR says:

    Man, that is sad news indeed! Another face I was looking forward to seeing again, gone too soon!

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