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What Happens In Vegas, Happens At The Roadhouse? Dale Cooper And Ruby’s Scenes Side By Side

Like Ruby at the Roadhouse, we’re waiting for someone. We’re waiting for Dale Cooper to wake up. And didn't that just happen?
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Oh my soul
Losing control
Who built this heart?
Oh my God

Las Vegas, NV

While unhurriedly enjoying his dessert, Dale Cooper notices shakers (twin pears, maybe?) on the table and moves them around. Accidentally, yet perfectly timed, he turns on Sunset Boulevard —a broadcast undoubtedly sent through the airwaves by Phillip Gerard— allowing the line “Get Gordon Cole” to trigger a response, maybe even a memory of his former FBI boss. A nearby power outlet then draws his attention and he starts crawling towards it. When Cooper succeeds to insert his fork, he gets zapped. Janey-E, noticing the reason behind the flickering lights, screams her lungs out.

Twin Peaks, WA

The Veils play the electrically charged “Axolotl” at the Roadhouse while a defenseless girl called Ruby (Charlyne Yi), bullied out of her booth by two tough bikers, slowly crawls across the strobe-lit dance floor before screaming her lungs out.

I’m waiting for someone.

We’re all like Ruby. We’re waiting for someone. We’re waiting for Dale Cooper to wake up and come to his senses. And that’s exactly what seems to have happened in Las Vegas.

The crawling, screaming, and flickering lights in both scenes from Part 15 made viewers wonder if, like the Purple Room and the Glass Box, there’s more going on than meets the eye. So @mediawardotcom synced up the footage for a side-by-side comparison, and even if it’s just to watch Cooper’s possible awakening with a killer soundtrack, it’s worth checking out.

But remember, we’ve seen outside events affect people inside the Roadhouse. Think of the veil of sadness covering patrons seconds after Maddy’s death. On different occasions, there have been owls at the Roadhouse and the Lodge seems to favor this location for transmitting messages. Maybe because there’s always music in the air?

What are the seemingly random conversations and events in that booth telling us? And which scene should be synced with Sky Ferreira’s armpit scratching? Do share your thoughts!

Hat tips to @HuntedTony and @Depth_Punch.

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  1. Anthony Ferguson says:

    Something that occurred to me, and I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it. Audrey has been trying to get to the roadhouse for 3 episodes. In thst time, the other ongoing narratives have moved on for days or weeks, while Audrey and Charlie are stuck in the same timeframe. Maybe they are unable to leave the place they are in (the lodge), maybe they’re not actually alive.

    • Jeremy says:

      I had the same thought!

    • Ben Ricker says:

      The theory I have read is that Audrey is in a coma from the end of TP 1 and is stuck inside the house. Not sure who Charlie is in this case…

      • NolanBatman4ever says:

        It’s a popular theory that the characters within our dreams are all manifestations of our own personalities/experiences. Regardless of how they look, or their gender, or out of sorts behaviour – they are all us. Or our thoughts, manifested into a tangible being.

        I am wondering if Charlie and Audrey are BOTH Audrey. Charlie, despite his looks and demeanor, might be Audrey’s voice of reason – fighting to get her to wake up. Audrey is her own voice of panic and confusion, too scared to make that jump, perhaps ?

        It’s why she won’t go out the door or even put her coat on yet, despite Charlie’s gentle reasoning maybe. They could both be stuck in the house, as it’s actually her head and they are both an individual side to her personality. Or she could be long dead and being unable to leave the room/head. Audrey is the voice not willing to accept what has happened and Charlie is the voice trying to get her to take the final step across the threshold into some kind of afterlife maybe ?

        I dunno, could all be complete misdirection again. i don’t get ANY damn thing on this show any more. Yeesh.

  2. m1KKa3L says:

    Before: “Get Gordon Cole” there was another word: “Norma”.

    • Lou says:

      well, yeah. the lead character in sunset boulevard is norma desmond.

  3. jonlutz says:

    Something else worth noting: the freeze frame of Sunset Boulevard that Dougie lands on has an actor in the background looking out at the audience, a la Bob/Frank Silva accidentally ending up in the mirror at the Palmer house. This is a bit of accidental fourth wall breaking in both cases, and, who knows, maybe David Lynch noticed this particular moment years ago and it chilled him.

  4. Rob B. says:

    Ok, that was just plain creepy. Was anyone else reminded of Sarah Palmer crawling across the floor before Maddie’s murder? Or of BOB crawling over the furniture in Maddie’s vision?

  5. Lois Duffy says:

    Not as interesting as glass box/Naido side by side. For one thing, the scenes don’t start at the same time. Also, they don’t even start screaming at the same time. Third, the person editing this together could have started from the scream and worked their way backward. This is a total stretch.

    • NolanBatman4ever says:

      At last, someone with common sense on he matter.
      This whole thing could easily have been manufactured by the video maker syncing the two pieces of film up, to match their agenda here. It’s so full of holes it’s crazy.

    • Rob B. says:

      When dealing with a mind like Mr. Lynch’s, it’s easy to “see” patterns and clues that aren’t there. Still, this kind of “conspiracy theorizing” is fun and, ultimately, harmless. I sometimes imagine Mr. Lynch checking this website and others in his downtime and just shaking his head in frustrated admiration at what we fans can come up with.

    • Rory says:

      The synchronization is manufactured, but having two prominently-featured scenes of characters crawling toward camera and screaming while the screen flashes white in the space of one episode is not accidental. This video displays the parallel nicely. Just don’t get hung up on the timing.

    • WozzA says:

      She isn’t synced with Janey, she’s synced with Coop hence she starts to scream as the fork goes in the outlet.

      • EvilZoot says:

        I don’t understand why people think this is outlandish. I’m not the most creative thinker and it seemed obvious that they were running parallel when it was happening. How many other episodes of the return had someone randomly crawling and screaming? (PS Site noob, not a TP noob! Since 1990 <3)

  6. Tcissv says:

    I thought of the relation through a house m.d. there is a scene where house sticks a fork into the plug with same wonder and curiosity. And Charlyn Lee played an important role as a member of house’s team. Although this may seem as a long shot, i feel like it is the exact type of connections you make with electricity. Lynch always is occupied with staying true to yourself and house was occupied with being right, living a true life. I think his ethos and Lynch’s sprit marry very well.

  7. Frankie Gallo says:

    I think that’s a very good theory.
    “One chants out between two worlds..” Different timelines hence there are different events happening at the same time. According to this theory those events that are happening seems to be somewhat linked in intensity or have some sort of similarities. It appears to be very plausible. It would be interesting to try and synchronise the last scene of the series (the last scream) with these other 2 scenes. If they match that could suggest that the catchphrase ‘It is happening again..’ refers exactly to this, to Laura Palmer being killed again in a different dimension and echoing back in the others. There moght be other possible syncs for other scenes of the series that could reinforce this theory.
    Also my other 2 cents on the rest:
    We are told that Twin Peaks is ultimately a fantasy/dream, but of an uknown dreamer – if the world really is a dream then its dreamer (or creator) is uknown, or is it God or whatever; but in this case it seems pretty obvious that David Lynch is the (FBI investigator in chief) dreamer, the one who dreams it all, being himself de facto the creator of the series and being the one who dreamt this whole world of invented characters. What is a creative writer or an artist (at least of Lynch’s calibre) if not an investigator of his own inner world? The fact that he is a detective in the movie – and in the world of his own creation – wondering with the other characters ‘what is going on!’ is a beautiful metaphor for this. The writer, or the artist, the musician, never knows what its creation it’s going to be before it has started actually creating it, and he’s/she’s finding it out along the way, not really having an answer until the end. And still probably sometimes at the end the outcome might be somewhat mysterious even to them.
    Episode 8th makes clear that Twin Peaks is about the battle between good and evil though, and that is not a very mysterious subject in a way. Lynch or any writer knows that as our real world is ‘still going’ that battle is still being fought and nobody can really make a statement saying that it will end soon or who is going to overcome the others. We can only state the obvious truth which is that is still happening!
    If you want also Star Wars, another movie where an imaginary world was constructed to stage the fight between good and evil, is still going – of course at the end of every movie the ‘good’ side overcomes the enemies (like in every hero-movie etc) but that is just a temporary truth. In fact there’s another star wars coming out in December as there will be many more hero movies being made… The main difference with those other movies seems to be that the exact same event (laura palmer being killed) happens exactly every time in the same way in different dimensions and as I was saying it echoes in the other dimensions. This allow us to consider Cooper and Laura two eternal beings (spirits) chasing each other forever trying to be save and be saved.
    In fact it seems to me that Dale Cooper and Laura Palmer are the names for which we learned to know what in fact are two spiritual beings who are moving across dimensions in this endless loop where the one is trying to save the other from being killed by evil.
    In the last scene he is Richard, and she is Kathryn if I remember correctly.
    One can then go on for a long time having fun spotting out all the little details of the series, but as with Mulholland Drive, the whole thing is pretty clear and simple to understand.

    Joseph Campbell ‘the hero with a thousand faces’ is a very interesting read in this regard.

  8. Jack says:

    Good has nightmares of Evil…

    Evil has dreams of salvation and being good.

    People are standing on both worlds, dreaming both dreams and nightmares.

    Twin Peaks has haunted me again…hopefully for the last time.

    If you leave people with more questions than answers…it is very similar to sucking out bits of their souls and then they have none.

    I stand here…haunted. I journey to find answers…

  9. Nikola Turing says:

    In the Roadhouse The Veils are playing, thus the veils of realities are lifted. Though this is perhaps part of what is happening, but the scene itself is pointing out something important. We see one chinese man in the original Twin Peaks, under crown chandelier that is black with red outer layer with spikes, coming from room 311 3/11 behind him to room 312.

    These biker men with their leather jackets look like bats. They take hold of the chinese girl. It’s really important to listen to the lyrics of the songs played in the Roadhouse as those are really important.

    First time in red room, the little man is shivering in cold. He touches metal syringe looking thing, GUM G+M=20, U=21 is coming back in style. Bat is flying in the background. Little man takes 20 steps as the TV flickering is happening and corona is being lighted through lens flare on his chest. Now just change the order as everything happens backwards.

    First TV broadcast corona in 20. GUM comes back in style, like Spanish flu is coming back. Bat is being seen as shadow. Then he takes the jab, which is also the form of spike protein which the jabs make your body to manufacture, and only then you become sick and get cold.

    It’s all there from 2001 A Space Odyssey onward, though already in Lolita Humbert dies in lockdown to coronary trombosis, aka blood cloth related heart attack. The Shining is filled with it, has the same thing, failed jabs is what made the whole thing. 1921 end photo, on the left side we have all the things prior jabbing, on 21 side there’s a woman jabbing Jack’s shoulder as his shoulder actually moves during the zoom in and reveals the syringe.

    The Return has the most amount of this. But you truly need to be able to decode to get these.

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