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Laura Suspiria Palmer, A 50-Minute Twin Peaks Datamosh Mixtape

Laura Suspiria Palmer mixtape

There’s clearly no limit to the Witch House scene’s love for Twin Peaks. Today I present to you a 50-minute video datamosh mixtape of Twin Peaks & Mater Suspiria Vision‘s album Second Coming, remixed and mashed up by spf5Ø (Joe Royster). The video was made by art collective Post Religion ((Alex Wolf and Lucy Sinclair) out of London and premiered two weeks ago at “Not An Exhibition”, the UK’s first exhibition of pure Witch House art.

Datamoshing is the act of intentionally producing compression artifacts for artistic purposes, also known as glitch art.

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Laura Suspiria Palmer, A 50-Minute Twin Peaks Datamosh Mixtape

A video datamosh mixtape of Twin Peaks & Mater Suspiria Vision's album Second Coming, remixed by spf5Ø with visuals by Post Religion.

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