Heather Graham Says She’s Not On The New Twin Peaks, Wishes She Was (Video)

Dale Cooper and Annie Blackburn at the Double R DinerHow’s Annie?

Don’t worry. No spoilers.

Twenty-five years later, Annie Blackburn could be alive and well (and recast), or the exact opposite of that. Or maybe she mysteriously disappeared? Witness Protection Program? Back in the convent?

Chances are we’ll find out in either Mark Frost’s upcoming book, or in the new episodes of Twin Peaks. But it looks like we won’t see Heather Graham reprising the role of Dale Cooper’s girlfriend. 

Heather appeared as one of two guests on the January 14th episode of Watch What Happens Live. During its After Show segment, a viewer called in to ask her if she’ll return to Twin Peaks in 2017. “That’s so funny. A lot of people have been asking me about that,” the actress responded. “I’m really excited to watch [the new Twin Peaks]. I’m not on it, no. No. I wish!

It needs noting that she could be misleading the viewers in case she —like many other people involved (or not)— has signed an NDA. Or maybe she hasn’t received “the call” yet. Nothing is ever what it seems, but if you take her spontaneous response at face value, she’s not involved.

[bctt tweet=”“I’m really excited to watch the new Twin Peaks. I’m not on it, no. I wish!” —Heather Graham #WWHL” via=”no”]

Heather then added that she was a huge fan of the original Twin Peaks and had a crush on Kyle MacLachlan before she got cast: “I was super crushing on him and then I got to play his love interest, so that was really fun!”


Watch What Happens: Live – After Show with Heather Graham & Brooke Shields

Skip to 5:45 for Heather’s response.

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  1. Alicia Witt (Gersten Hayward) had an interesting response to a similar question on Twitter that more or less confirmed her return while staying within the parameters of the contract: she said that she wasn’t allowed to answer that question.

  2. What I think is funny is how in all these discussions and more, no one assumes she’s not coming back because she’s dead… I know mortality of characters is irrelevant to whether they appear in Twin Peaks, but her face was always so bloody looking I couldn’t help but think she’s straight-up dead for good.

    • In the Missing Pieces feature on the Blu-ray set, there’s a scene of Annie in the hospital, repeating what she said earlier in Laura’s dream. She’s definitely still alive at the end of the story.

    • The missing pieces video that Lynch released in July 2014 contains a hospital scene that shows Annie alive. Also, the last scene of the show, which contains the famous line “How’s Annie?” contains the answer to that question: Sheriff Truman tells Cooper that she is fine.

      • Now I haven’t seen the Missing Pieces so I don’t know for sure, but given what Annie looked like in the canonical part of Fire Walk With Me I think we can reasonably presume that she gets killed by the Bad Cooper.

        He has to kill someone important after all.

  3. It’s a pity that people seem to find Annie boring… I liked Annie, and it will be kind of weird if the character isn’t included at all.

    • Her inclusion in the series always seemed forced to me, as if the writers had to come up with some kind of target for Cooper’s affections to replace Audrey. I felt similarly about John Justice Wheeler’s time on the series. Still, it would make sense that she would at least be mentioned, if only because she seems to know that the good Dale is trapped in the Lodge.

      Here’s how I see it playing out: Annie knows that the Dale who brought her out of the Lodge is a doppleganger, yet like Cassandra, no one will believe her (at least at first). In an effort to escape from Dale/BOB, she flees Twin Peaks forever, intending to return to the convent from which she came. She either makes it there, takes final vows, and is “lost to history,” or she is intercepted by Dale/BOB and becomes his first victim. Either way, she becomes a character that is discussed, yet never seen.

  4. this makes me think… if agent cooper never actually came out, then annie might have just left. this would be in the book that we’ll get before the new season and i bet it would just be that she decided to leave, barely touched upon. my theory is that it was never cooper that left the black lodge; it was windham earle with the power to look like anyone just like bob could. leland had probably been in the black lodge since FWWM and cooper is still there.

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