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Special Surprise For The 25th Anniversary Of Twin Peaks

April 8th 2015. Write it in your diary. Because Welcome to Twin Peaks will be celebrating 25 years of Twin Peaks with a special surprise.
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25 Years of Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks pilot premiered on April 8, 1990 on ABC.

Welcome to Twin Peaks will be celebrating 25 years of Twin Peaks with a special surprise.

Worldwide and online.

Facebook account not required, but recommended.

Do NOT miss out on the fun and join the Facebook event below if you want to receive clues and details of what will happen on April 8, 2015.

UPDATE: 25 years of Twin Peaks will be celebrated, but Welcome to Twin Peaks deeply regrets to inform you that due to recent announcements, our special surprise can not take place on April 8.

Twin Peaks turns 25 next month, so count on Welcome to Twin Peaks to throw a party.

Posted by Welcome to Twin Peaks on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

REMINDER: Until April 4th, Welcome to Twin Peaks is accepting submissions for Twin Peaks inspired art of any kind (sculptures, paintings, songs, videos, etc.) for an online only exhibition. The one requirement is that your work has not been published or exhibited anywhere else before. Artists can get in touch here. Due to the high volume of submissions, please know that it can take a while before you receive a reply.

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What's your response to this?


  1. Skip Piks says:

    If this “surprise” doesn’t turn out to be definitive confirmation of S3 – as I’m unrealistically expecting it to be – then I will literally go insane. And it will not be good.

  2. Arjan Hut says:

    Free Tibet!

    • spanky says:

      I’ll take it! Yes, China? I have got something you want… Yes that’s right ALL THE TEA.

  3. Peter says:

    Yeah this needs to be a confirmed filming date. I can’t handle hearing about another terrible show like Full House being resurrected, while I sit here on pins and needles about whether Peaks is actually coming back or not. It is killing me.

  4. Kelly Oliphant says:

    !!yawa raf oot si yadsendeW

  5. jon says:

    just read an officail statement from David Lynch, he’s not returning to Twin Peaks after 1 year and several months of negotations, the money wasnt given so that he could do the script the way he wanted to do it.
    Twin Peaks may still be alive at Showtime, just not with him.
    I hope this still works out cause without Lynch it will probaly so downhill like season 2 did

  6. washington says:

    great surprise lol

  7. Skip Piks says:

    So the surprise must have been related to the new season in some shape or form, then…. bummer.

    Guess it’s insanity for me, then.

  8. Frank says:

    Guess us as fans get treated like garbage again by the studio. No surprise here. Been dealing with it for 24 years.

  9. Buff Fighthouse says:

    Can we have our surprise now, pleassssssse? Thank you!

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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