Ray Wise Hints At Twin Peaks “25 Years Later”

25 years later

The Packard rumor mill continues to spin in the town of Twin Peaks. After dropping two major “Twin Peaks might return” bombs in 2013 and recently confirming that David Lynch shot something related to Twin Peaks, Ray Wise continues to tease us. Those who are tired of all the speculation are free to stop reading now, but in an interview with David Wangberg last Friday, Ray said the following about the possibility of a Twin Peaks remake:

They wouldn’t remake it. If anything was done, it would be 25 years later. It would never be a remake of anything we already did. Maybe you just didn’t mean to use that word, I don’t know. A remake, no, but it would be something new and fresh. David always said the town of “Twin Peaks” is still there; it’s still going on whether we watch it or not. So, who knows what’ll happen in the future? It would be 25 years later, not anything remade. Does that answer your question?

This being said after last week’s Twin Peaks shoot and Ray explicitly mentioning “25 years later” multiple times, pretty much insinuates David Lynch and Mark Frost will be taking us back to town (or more likely: The Black Lodge) soon for a brief meeting with Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer and probably a few of our favorite doppelgängers!

Are you excited about the Twin Peaks surprise they have in store for us (probably for the upcoming Twin Peaks Blu-ray release)? Show it and snap your fingers in our fan-sourced Let’s rock project.

"I'll see you again in 25 years" -Laura Palmer

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  1. This is the best news ever! (if understood correctly :D)
    Ray is the greatest! This is a great piece of info (like all the others he gave use regarding the possibility of a Twin Peaks returns).

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed and until anything happens on the ’25 years later’ front, I will be enjying the Blu-ray release!

    Go Lynch, go!

  2. Just read the part of the interview between Ray Wise and David Wangberg where Ray hints at the possible Twin Peaks return. What caught my attention is another part of the interview:

    “The combination of Mark Frost and David Lynch and all the movie directors that we had directing the episodes and that incredible cast, which will never be together again… it was just a moment in time that was very significant and very memorable, and it’ll go on in the minds of people who continue to watch it – even newer generations. The younger generations are even watching some of the episodes. I think it will go on forever.”

    I don’t want to kill anybody’s enthusiasm, but if you look at the beginning of the third row, the part of the phrase “will never be together again…” worries me a little bit. It most probably has to do with the fact that some of the actors died. And I hope this is what he meant.

    Anyway, I don’t know why I posted this :D. I am still keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Sadly,I think this will amount to being a promotion clip for David’s coffee line. After all, coffee figures in very much in the last episodes black lodge sequence. Laura states she will see Coop in 25 years and raises her arms into an advert like pose of a waitress holding a coffee kettle as if to unspokenly say “Until then – more coffee?” Coop also has that weird coffee morphing moment and at the end – as the credits roll – there’s Laura reflecting in his cup. I hope my hunches are wrong and it ends up being much more than a commercial prank.

  4. I still believe (I don’t want to bring anybody’s hopes high; it’s just my opinion) it is more than just about the promotion clip. I don’t think they would be so secretive if it wasn’t something big. Ray said it was going to be a big surprise. Surely, any new Twin Peaks footage, no matter how short, is more than welcome, but I wouldn’t call it a big surprise. So, there must be something else.

    Anyway, the best and only thing we can do is wait and see :D.

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