Showtime President David Nevins Is Still Trying To Save David Lynch-Directed Twin Peaks [UPDATED]

David Lynch is leaving! David Lynch is leaving!
Ding, ding, ding. David Lynch is leaving! David Lynch is leaving! (Image by Art Miles)


UPDATE April 12, 2015: David Nevins told Adweek he’s trying to figure out what’s going on with David Lynch. Scroll down for the update.

The Twin Peaks complications first reported three weeks ago seem to have spun out of control now that David Lynch has publicly announced his departure from the director’s chair because not enough money was offered to do the script the way he felt it needed to be done.

Fans were quick to respond to the news with a petition and crowdfunding ideas. Even though he mentions the new Twin Peaks series isn’t necessarily dead, a revival loses at least half of its appeal to both the fans and the cast without David Lynch’s presence on the set.

Showtime Networks knows that, and with the help of reader David Nedeljko, Welcome to Twin Peaks got word directly from Showtime President David Nevins that he’s still trying to save the Twin Peaks deal as it was presented to us in October; with David Lynch directing all nine episodes. The statement came in an e-mail response a few hours after David Lynch’s tweets.

Showtime boss David Nevins and Kyle MacLachlan
Showtime boss David Nevins and Kyle MacLachlan


After years of rumors, the big fanfare half a year ago and now all of this, it’s an emotional roller coaster ride for every Twin Peaks fan. We have to ask you to hold on tight just a little longer while they might be playing hardball. Sure, it definitely hurts. But since Dune, David Lynch has learned not to compromise. And do we really want a Twin Peaks that’s not entirely supported by its creators?

UPDATE: David Nevins gave Adweek a small update on the “Twin Peaks avalanche.” It’s not much, but here it is:

Where do things stand with Twin Peaks?
David Nevins: We’re in the middle of it. I can’t say too much.

It sounds like you’re still holding out hope that Lynch’s departure isn’t definitive.
David Nevins: It’s either a negotiation, or he’s had cold feet. But I am hopeful.

So at this point, you’re waiting to figure out what’s going on with David before you decide anything else about the future of Twin Peaks?
David Nevins: Correct.

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. Kickstarter, Kickstarter ASAP! It may have failed, sadly, for buying the Palmer house, but if Showtime won’t give Lynch what he needs, maybe we fans can. Who’s with me?

    • If the reports are true that the final sticking point is % of revenue from DVD and streaming sales then fans giving money from Kickstarter won’t help.

    • Kickstarter won’t help. This is not funding self-produced Star Trek episodes. Lynch needs millions more to make the show in his vision. Fans cannot even scratch that amount. Wake up.

      • The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter campaign raised nearly seven million dollars, two million of that in the first day. Twin Peaks has been around far longer, is more well-known and probably has more fans. I think seven million bucks put towards nine TV episodes would indeed have an effect, assuming comparable results.

    • If you would really take out a loan from the bank to contribute to a Twin Peaks Kickstarter, then you are a fucking idiot.



  3. I know that I am in the minority on this, and I want to be clear that my preference is that Lynch direct all nine episodes. But I am not willing to throw away the dream of seeing Twin Peaks again just because Lynch isn’t helming the camera. Sure, Twin Peaks was at it’s best in the episodes he directed, but it was also at it’s best when Lynch/Frost wrote the scripts, and we have that! I would rather get some resolution and continuation, than nothing at all. I hope it all works out, but I want my show back.

    • I’m with you here, 100%. I want DL on board, but him not being on board will not stop me from watching, especially since he helped pen the episodes. I think the stakes are too high and the number of episodes just right to where we will not get loosey goosey storylines like James and Evelyn and whatnot, even if Lynch isn’t around. We live in a different era, where the fan opinion is strong and our platform is the goddamn internet; I don’t think they’ll be toying around with soap opera-quality stuff.

    • Agree 100%. I can’t stand this all-or-nothing temper some fans are pushing. Keep pushing that and we may not see Twin Peaks return at all.

    • I just started watching the second season and it’s junk! I’ve read it will only get worse, too. The first one was pure gold, that’s for sure. So I don’t want a 3rd season that’s pointless and ugly like the 2nd, I want a meaningful and crafty one. Lynch must direct, please give him the money, you’ll definitely get it back, he knows what he’s doing:D pleaseee

  4. Mark Frost should be involved as well.. I think sometimes people don’t know or forget how important he was to the series. He was pretty much the show runner while Lynch was involved with other projects.

  5. I’m guessing we’ll get some sort of compromise…David directs the first and last episodes, and maybe one in the middle, and we get a series of guest directors for the other six.

    • I agree 100%.

      That would make it very similar to the original series and that’s maybe what they should had been aiming for to begin with. I don’t think Showtime even fully understood how a rare luxury a Lynch directed episode was in the original show. It’s not like ‘the entire First season was directed by Lynch’ that some casual fans seem to believe. His episodes were pure gold but you had to wait for them.

      But to get a whole season without that magic? That’s unthinkable. It wouldn’t be Twin Peaks. If the negotiations fail they need to start re-negotiating and try to get him for three or at a minimum two episodes at ANY COST. First and last episodes are mandatory, I agree. And a third would be perfect.

      • Really well said. Heck, it might be interesting to have some other directors, and I imagine a project like this would attract some top-shelf talent. (Can you imagine if Steven Spielberg directed an episode? He almost directed the season two premiere, right?)

        At the same time, the prospect of nine new hours of Lynch-directed material after almost a decade feels like such a shame to lose. Also, even though these imaginary new directors would be working from Lynch and Frost’s scripts, they would be missing something important: Lynch’s improvisatory flair on set, which gave us so many magical moments on the show, to say nothing of the finale.

  6. I love Lynch but I think there is a touch of selfishness in this decision. Back in the old days the crew struggled financially yet they managed to pull off a great first season. I felt cheated when he abandoned the show for season 2 and I feel cheated now as well.

    • Absolutely agree. I think David Lynch needs to work with what he has and use his talents. I think there’s more going on than what we know, but it sounds like bs to me. Every single filmmaker struggles with production cost issues. Why is Lynch being a cry baby about this?

  7. Bob came about entirely because of David Lynch on set directing. The final episode was David Lynch throwing out the script and doing what he wanted. This is a disaster. I’d rather this never even been announced.

  8. This is a damn bitter cup of coffee!
    If the script is a solid collaboration between Lynch & Frost-there may still be hope. All the parties involved may need a little more transcendental meditation on this one. Where there is a will there is a way.

  9. I want to echo what Will said above. Mark Frost is the co-creator of the show, and never seems to get enough credit for his involvement in the series. All the best episodes of the series were essentially written by Mark Frost. Again, I hope that something can be worked out with David Lynch, but I refuse to believe that Twin Peaks is completely worthless without him directing it. There were good episodes of Twin Peaks that weren’t directed by David Lynch. I believe that we can still get a good quality show with just Mark Frost returning. I hope that it doesn’t come to that, but at this point, I just want my show back.

  10. David gave Twin Peaks the surreal and absurd; Mark gave it a through-line and discipline. The backbone of the show has been written by both; now Showtime can hire a batch of fresh directors to interpret episodes of the new series and give it something raw and edgy and contemporary, which is not a strong suit of Lynch’s, as he is obsessed with the postmodern and nostalgia. Give the show to Fukunaga of TRUE DETECTIVE for an episode or two, ask back Diane Keaton for one, and expand the empire of weird. Really.

  11. He would be taking a big risk (artistically) to return to this project. If you think about it, very few directors actually have a shot at a 100+ year artistic legacy. David Lynch will be written about for at least the next 100 years. I could be wrong that that ties into David’s decision – but it is one of the reasons that I want him to make the right choice – not just because of my desire to see new episodes.

    While this is sad news for us fans, I can understand David Lynch being very careful before pulling the trigger on this.

    I’m still hoping this can be cleared up.

    Side thought: I’m not a stickler for David Lynch directing all 9 new episodes. I think it would be ideal to have him direct 4 of the episodes. I actually like the idea of Lynch influencing a new generation of film makers in a direct way with just a role of writing and producer. That said, there won’t be any David Lynch magic without David Lynch playing some role on that set!

  12. hilarious image (norwegians). I sent it on to that actress Diane Caldwell. She hopes for a Lynch return as well!

  13. Lynch not directing? I don’t care. I really don’t. Yes, he’s brilliant and yes, the series would benefit from his presence on set. But. And I mean this. Lynch was FAR from the only person who shaped the original show. Mark Frost made a huge contribution and, so far, he’s still on board. That alone is good enough for me. There are also many wonderful directors out there who could bring their magic to this show, including the better directors who worked on the original. Don’t tell me for one second that Lesli Linka Glatter didn’t put her stamp on that show when she worked on it.

    Get over it. Twin Peaks can easily work without Lynch.

  14. “interpret episodes of the new series and give it something raw and edgy and contemporary”

    lmao you got to be kidding me. that isn’t twin peaks. just call it something else then.

    god this is going to be awful

  15. I’m confused about all this. So if David does not direct, does that mean he will have no input at all? Or will he pen the scripts?

    • He’s already written the scripts with Mark Frost and they’ve been given to Showtime; one of his Lynch’s tweets seemed to confirm that the ball is solely in their court now.

      I suppose if TP3 does go ahead we’ll still see Lynch & Frost’s original ideas on screen, only now they’ll be interpreted and presented by others.

  16. Lynch always said how its about the art, but at the bottom line, much like everyone else, its about the $$$. I’ve been a fan of the original show since it came out, and i think that if they have a script ready then they should go on and do it even without lynch. a lot of the episodes in the original show were directed by other people and it was still great. and without lynch, maybe there would be more then just one season. at the bottom line, it would be great if they could get lynch back on board, but if not? well they should go on with the show, cause i sure as hell would watch it!

  17. Whatever happened to that guy who wanted to make his own papier-mâché Elephant Man?

    There may be many younger, talented and very creative directors out there dying to direct an episode. I love Lynch’s works, just watched the magical 1st episode of season two last night. But I’m not going with the no-Lynch, no-Twin Peaks-thing.

  18. They really should bring back some of the old directors like Duwayne Dunham and Caleb Deshanel. And of course: DON’T FORGET THAT DAVID LYNCH IS JUST ONE HALF OF TWIN PEAKS!! People seem to forget about the brilliant MARK FROST!

  19. Right, but he being that HALF must be involved to direct at least 3 episodes: the first one, some in the middle and the final one. The rest can do Mark Frost and maybe some other directors who previously worked on TP. But the most crucial episodes in the narrative need to be done by David Lynch because they require special stylistic visual imagery and sudden plot twists related to it which only Lynch is capable of.

  20. What makes me feel concerned too is that Lynch’s refusal to take part automatically stamps this project as second hand. If the father of TP is unsure about its quality how can we be? We definitely need him back.

  21. Sorry not read all the comments (so sorry if someone else has said this), but I dont get why it cant be done in assosciation with another channel? I’m in England and the BBC and other channels (most notably Channel 4 who have film 4 and produced some huge movies, or Sky 1/Atlantic) work with various channels abroad all the time, and I’m sure other countries are the same, we wont be able to watch on Showtime here so deals will be have to be done at some point, so why not now?

    • I’ve wondered the same actually. Showtime does have a history of co-producing series with a foreign distributor. Penny Dreadful was made in association with a British channel, for example. And I imagine there must be a ton of foreign broadcasters who would be willing to pony up out front, especially where Twin Peaks was if anything an even bigger phenomenon than the US—- Japan and Scandinivia jump out there.

  22. What kind of amateurs gets thousands of fans riled up by letting them know that their wildest fantasies will finally come true after 25 years of waiting, only to change their minds. Showtime, please make sure everyone has signed a contract before promoting a new show. Lynch, I have been a fan for 25 years, but I will not watch any future movies you may make. Greed is an ugly thing.

  23. Im over the whole dramatic rollercoaster ride. If it gets done which it wont i will not be watching. I was a fan and after this lil perfotmance by lynch quitting instead of trying to work things out is rediculous. What will stop him from quitting again?? I am moving on to something else. Good luck and much respect to you all. . .

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