Twin Peaks Cast As Cartoon Characters

What if Twin Peaks returned, but with one big difference… it would be an animated series?

Alejandro from Denton, Texas, also known as neoalxtopi, shows us what it could look like. The illustrator took 34 cast members and reimagined them as cartoon characters.

Can you see these come alive in a third season?

Twin Peaks cast as cartoon characters by neoalxtopi

I’ve singled out some of my favorites:

The Log Lady by neoalxtopi
The Log Lady
Dr. Jacoby by neoalxtopi
Dr. Jacoby
Gordon Cole by neoalxtopi
Gordon Cole
Windom Earle by neoalxtopi
Windom Earle
Deputy Brennan by neoalxtopi
Andy Brennan
Lucy Moran by neoalxtopi
Lucy Moran
Donna Hayward by neoalxtopi
Donna Hayward
Big Ed by neoalxtopi
Big Ed
The Giant by neoalxtopi
The Giant

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. wow! when is the show on? i hope it’s on saturday mornings… i’ll get my cereals and put the sound low anough so my parents can still sleep… LOL

  2. I LOVE the idea, and these drawings are really great. If it really happened, though, my preference would be a less cartoony animation style (something more like the Twin Peaks graphic novel that never came out). Still, LOVE this.

  3. I’d love to save these images, but I keep getting the stupid Pinterest when I hover over it. Is there a work around?

  4. cant figure out who a few of these characters are. at the top – in the middle. there’s like 4 guys I can’t place.

  5. The artwork is fine and all, but my issue with all lot of these fan things is simply the fact that they don’t capture the vibe of the show in any way whatsoever. You need to have at least some of that stark, noir-y quality to the work or else it really isn’t Twin Peaks.

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