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Twenty-six years after it first arrived in Belgium, the new Twin Peaks is currently airing on commercial TV channel VIER. Every night from Monday through Thursday around 10:45 PM, right after its hottest quiz show watched by more than a million Dutch-speaking Belgians daily. Arguably the best time slot Twin Peaks ever had in the past 27 years, and a new episode EVERY NIGHT.

This is the menacing trailer VIER cut to announce the show, which has a faster pace than David Lynch’s last official teaser without going all out like the fan-made blockbuster trailer. The Stranger Things-esque song in the background is “Sky At Night” by Lucy in Disguise.

What are your thoughts on this trailer? And how does it make you feel about those first four parts, which most of you have already watched half a year ago?

Na 26 jaar keert het bekendste Amerikaanse tv-fenomeen eindelijk terug naar het kleine scherm. Twin Peaks, vanaf 20 november nieuw op VIER.

Posted by VIER on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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Watch The Menacing Belgian Trailer For The New Twin Peaks

Fans in Belgium can binge the new Twin Peaks, every night from Monday through Thursday at 10:45 PM. Watch VIER's own trailer.