Angelo Badalamenti’s Moving New Music In Twin Peaks Part 6 Was Recorded Before David Lynch Shot A Single Scene

More than Dale Cooper’s traditional demeanor, Angelo Badalamenti’s original score has so far been strikingly absent from the new Twin Peaks.

Yes, we’re lucky to hear the “Twin Peaks Theme” during the main titles, “Laura Palmer’s Theme” effectively accompanied Bobby Briggs’ trip down memory lane, and Solo Percussion #4 from the Twin Peaks Archive was used during some Lucky 7 Insurance scenes in Part 5*, but apart from the hard to distinguish “Frank 2000” track made with David Lynch under their Thought Gang moniker, there hasn’t been any fresh material from the Brooklyn-born Maestro.

That changed with Part 6, in which a new 3-minute long Angelo Badalamenti composition can be heard called “Accident / Farewell Theme.” A slightly pitched version of the theme briefly emerged when Dale Cooper got teary-eyed in Part 5, but David Lynch saved the full piece for Part 6’s most disturbing moment when a little boy becomes the victim of a fatal hit and run.

Twin Peaks – Part 6 – Angelo Badalamenti’s Accident / Farewell Theme

Shortly after Part 6 aired, Angelo Badalamenti’s team revealed that, just like “Laura Palmer’s Theme” back in the day, “Accident / Farewell Theme” was recorded before principal photography even began, with David Lynch simply describing the scripted scene to the composer. “The result is a gorgeous synth suite that showcases the technicolor emotional heartbreak that classic Lynch Badalamenti compositions are famous for.” It will be the 4th track on the upcoming Twin Peaks – Limited Event Series Original Soundtrack (Amazon).

Where David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti used to sit next to each other behind a Fender Rhodes keyboard while composing music, things happened slightly different this time around. “Working through technology that digitally connected studios thousands of miles apart, David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti were able to collaborate in the same manner they have always collaborated throughout the decade: ‘side by side.’”

Angelo Badalamenti’s return was part of Showtime’s modest marketing campaign leading up to this new season of Twin Peaks, so let’s remain hopeful we’ll get to hear a lot more from the Maestro!

Part 16 – Angelo Badalamenti’s Accident / Farewell Theme

UPDATE: The cue was reused in Part 16 when Dale Cooper is saying goodbye to Janey-E and Sonny Jim. That explains the “Farewell” in the title.

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*Hat tip to Terence W Yang for identifying that jazz shuffle.

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  1. The more Angelo compositions we continue to get filtered back into the series, the better, IMHO. That audio sets the visual mood; just a great marriage between the two.

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