And The Titles For Twin Peaks – The Return Parts 9 Through 12 Are…

Showtime has added new captions for four upcoming parts of the new Twin Peaks.

  • Part 9: This is the chair. (July 9, 2017)
  • Part 10: Laura is the one. (July 16, 2017)
  • Part 11: There’s fire where you are going. (July 23, 2017)
  • Part 12: Let’s rock. (July 30, 2017)

So far, the titles have always been a line spoken by a character (or more) in the actual installment.

  • Part 1: My log has a message for you. (Margaret Lanterman aka the Log Lady)
  • Part 2: The stars turn and a time presents itself. (Margaret Lanterman aka the Log Lady)
  • Part 3: Call for help. (Dale Cooper)
  • Part 4: …brings back some memories. (Bobby Briggs)
  • Part 5: Case files. (Dale Cooper)
  • Part 6: Don’t die. (Phillip Gerard aka MIKE aka The One-Armed Man)
  • Part 7: There’s a body all right. (June 18, 2017)
  • Part 8: Gotta light? (June 25, 2017)

Take a guess, which characters will deliver the captions for Parts 7 through 12?

Hat tip to Tony!

Pieter Dom

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  1. Pieter, not sure if it actually matters in this context, but Al Strobel’s character has so far consistently been credited in Twin Peaks: The Return as Phillip Gerard, not as MIKE or The One-Armed Man.

    • That’s probably because MIKE was evil, like BOB. MIKE repented and cut of his arm to rid himself of evil though. So I think they’re referring to him as the host (Phillip Gerard) because he is no longer evil, he is trying to stop BOB.

    • Why is everyone referring to it as Twin Peaks the return, it sounds like a bad television reunion/ fan fiction title, the title card says Twin Peaks, why not just refer to it as Twin Peaks, everyone will know what it means no fan of this show is stupid enough to get confused and mixed up about seasons.

      • You’d be surprised, Curt.
        The main reason is that The Return is the title of the entire 18 part mega episode. Currently there’s debate whether it means the return of Cooper’s conscious mind or his return to Twin Peaks or both.

    • I think this is an incredibly important distinction. He acts as more of an amalgamation of the two personalities. In the second season of the original series I always thought MIKE acted almost bestial at times. Now, I suppose that could have been because he was transitioning between personalities and/or coming off the Haloperidol, but I’m left wondering if there’s a clue in this relationship between Gerard and MIKE in the present as pertains to the distinction between Bad Coop and Bob, as BC has clearly become more of a separate entity than even Leland was, and Leland had been inhabited since childhood.

      • That’s because Leland was inhabited by BOB, Cooper never has been. It’s his doppleganger that’s been carrying BOB around.

  2. I watched all the eps back to back this new 1 gets stranger and stranger am I missing something still have to keep watching to see how it ends I hope there’s a happy ending for dale

  3. My quick thoughts on the titles:
    Part 7: FBI with the help of Pentagon resolve Ruth Davidson’s murder and find that the body in her room is that of Major Briggs.

    Part 10: Laura’s spirit makes a return appearance

    Part 11: Laura’s spirit warns Becky that she would suffer the same fate as hers if she goes through the destructive paths she is doing now.

    Part 12: DougieCoop finally regains all his abilities and senses, perhaps with Diane’s help.

  4. Ep.7 There’s a body alright.-Law enforcement checking on a dead body.
    Ep.8 Gotta light-Diane asking for a lighter.
    Ep.9 This is the chair-Linda in reference to her new electric chair.
    Ep.10 Laura is the one-Deputy Hawk or Sarah Palmer confirming who wrote the missing pages he found in men’s room.
    Ep.11 There’s fire where you are going-Audrey Horne warning her son.
    Ep.12 Let’s rock- Evil Dale escapes jail.

  5. Episode 8 “Got a light” definitely has something to do with Richard Horne. (Remember what happened to the girl that asked him that question in Episode 5!) My prediction is that the person asking him that question in Ep 8 is going to be Shelly’s daughter, this season’s Laura Palmer stand-in.

  6. Based on new titles, what if the second half of the show is more centered on Laura. So far 1-9 might be more about Coop!? Its a loooong movie.

  7. Here are my guesses:

    Part 8: Gotta light?: Chantal Hutchens to Evil Cooper after his escape from prison
    Part 9: This is the chair: Mike giving Douglas Jones a hint
    Part 10: Laura is the one: Gordon Cole to Tamara Preston upon arriving in Twin Peaks
    Part 11: There’s fire where you are going: The Log Lady to Hawk who is trying to find an entrance to the Black Lodge
    Part 12: Let’s rock: The evolution of the One-Armed Man to Douglas Jones

    Here are my reviews of the series:

  8. Episode 9: The Castigliane brothers show up to give casting input for a reboot of Pee Wee’s Playhouse

  9. My prediction is that Part 8 will have something to do with a nuclear explosion and a woodsman asking scared townspeople whether they have a light for his cigarette said no one ever.

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