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Here’s Dale Cooper’s Original Tape Recorder Prop (Photo)

Dale Cooper's tape recorder: Realistic Micro 27

Here it is. Or here she is.

Below is an original photo of “The Diane“, as prop master Jeff Moore affectionately calls the holy grail of Twin Peaks props: Special Agent Dale Cooper’s voice activated microcassette recorder.

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The 1989 newspaper ad for Dale Cooper's tape voice-actuated recorder. Only $79.95

The 1989 newspaper ad for Dale Cooper’s tape voice-actuated recorder. Only $79.95

One of three screen used models, this Realistic Micro-27 (search on eBay) is the actual tape recorder you see on Coop’s bedside table in the season two première, when he’s lying bleeding on the floor of his hotel room and getting visits from some peculiar characters.

Actor Kyle MacLachlan wanted Cooper’s dictaphone for himself, says the prop master, but it ended up in Jeff’s personal prop collection and has been on display for many years at his restaurant in Sedona, AZ.

UPDATE: The tape recorder has switched hands since this was originally posted. Stay tuned for more news on its new location.

Dale Cooper's tape recorder prop

My recorder is on the table.
l’m unable to reach it at this time.
l can only hope that l inadvertently pressed the voice activation button.”
—Special Agent Dale Cooper

Originally produced by RadioShack in the ’80s, the Realistic Micro-27 voice activated tape recorder occasionally pops up on eBay, though it’s obviously not the prop operated by Kyle MacLachlan in Twin Peaks. You can also turn your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4 into “Diane” with Dale Cooper’s tape recorder case based on the Realistic Micro-26 as seen recording Waldo the myna bird in episode 6.



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Here's Dale Cooper's Original Tape Recorder Prop (Photo)

Dale Cooper's original voice activated microcassette recorder, aka The Diane. The holy grail of Twin Peaks props?

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