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Checkmate, A Twin Peaks Webcomic Published Week By Week

Checkmate is a Twin Peaks webcomic and unofficial prequel about a 26-year-old Dale Cooper and his experiences with Caroline and Windom Earle in Pittsburgh.
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Checkmate, a Twin Peaks webcomic

We were supposed to protect her, 24 hours a day. My partner and I. Windom Earle was his name. Taught me everything I know about being a Special Agent. And, when the attempt on her life was finally made, I wasn’t ready… Because I loved her. She died in my arms. I was badly injured, and my partner lost his mind.
—Dale Cooper

Checkmate is a fanmade webcomic set in the universe of Twin Peaks. Set four years prior to the Laura Palmer case, the graphic novel serves as an unofficial prequel exploring the backstory of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper. It focuses specifically on 26-year-old Cooper’s experiences in Pittsburgh, PA, and his encounters with Caroline and Windom Earle.

Lili Canal, the webcomic’s writer and illustrator from Paris, France, describes Checkmate as the “deleted scenes” (or “The Missing Pieces” if you will) from Scott Frost’s My Life, My Tapes – The Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, although she admits to ignoring some of the blatant discrepancies in that book and sticking to the series’ canon. Mainly based in Pittsburgh in 1986, the story will also include several flashbacks, and its brief prologue starts in a very familiar Pacific Northwestern town in 1989…

Checkmate: A Twin Peaks Webcomic

The comic will update every Monday on its homepage and here on Welcome to Twin Peaks.


Chapter One – Cover

Checkmate, a Twin Peaks webcomic

Chapter One – Title Page

Checkmate, a Twin Peaks webcomic

Chapter One – Introduction

Checkmate, a Twin Peaks webcomic

Chapter One – Prologue
Checkmate, a Twin Peaks webcomic

Chapter One - Page 2 (Prologue)

Checkmate - Chapter One - Page 3

Checkmate - Chapter One - Page 4

Checkmate - Chapter One - Page 5

Checkmate - Chapter One - Page 5

Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 7

Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 8

Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 9

Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 10 Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 11 Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 12 Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 13

Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 14 Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 15 Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 16 Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 17 Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 18

Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 19

Checkmate: Chapter 1, Page 20

To be continued…

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What's your response to this?


  1. Leland’s childhood: the origins of Bob.

    • Lili says:

      Ha, that would be pretty interesting too! (But I agree with WyldeBill – I think Bob was around long before Leland.)

  2. wyldebill says:

    Bob may have been around long before Leland’s childhood. Apparently he goes from host to host.

  3. Brett says:

    I love how Albert heavy this story is so far. Albert is the best!

  4. Lee Davis says:

    Just discovered your webcomic. Very good and captures some of the strange techniques used in TP rather well.
    I suppose there’s more episodes to come, right?
    Now I’m all inspired to revive my own TP-inspired material. I can send you some of it if you’d like me to.



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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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