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Not so long ago, David Lynch told the Guardian that if someone wanted to create a remake of Eraserhead, he would shoot them if. As far as I know, the creative folks that made the following Eraserhead homages didn’t go missing, but they better watch out because maybe that gun in his drawer on Louie wasn’t just a prop.

“If they were near me I might shoot them. If I had a gun.”
—David Lynch

Make sure you check out Criterion‘s release of Eraserhead on Blu-ray and DVD for the real deal.

Eraserhead, the illustrated version by Jens Mittelsdorf

Legohead, the Eraserhead remake with Lego

Starring Brick Nance!

Eraserhead Remake 2012 by Mariano Fernández Calabró

Half Man Half Biscuit’s Restless Legs, an Eraserhead themed music video

Eraserhead in 60 seconds (and with a muppet)

This one by Martin Funke, and the following two Eraserhead tributes were previously featured on Welcome to Twin Peaks.

Eraserhead in 60 seconds… in clay!

Claymation wizardry by Lee Hardcastle.

Eraserhead in clay… and paper!

By Welcome to Twin Peaks regular, Jason Deehr.

Eraserhead Remake by Marc Ruaix

Eraserhead Remake by Sergio Davila

Live soundtrack by Cercueil

The footage is the same, but the soundtrack was replaced by a band called Cercueil.

Brad Pitt does Eraserhead

Several people, Brad Pitt for one, have recreated the iconic scene in which Henry Spencer has a cloud of eraser shavings floating behind his head.

John C. Reilly does Eraserhead

Elliot Thomas does Eraserhead

By Elliot Thomas and Tony Tassarotti.

Dan Stowell does Eraserhead

For a USC Cinematography class, Harris McCabe recreated the scene with Dan Stowell.

Bonus: Not David Lynch finds out they’re doing a Hollywood remake of Eraserhead

…directed by Ron Howard and starring Jaden Smith.

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Eraserhead Remakes With Lego, A Muppet, Brad Pitt, And More!

David Lynch said that if someone wanted to do a remake of Eraserhead, he'd shoot them with a gun. Here are more than a dozen remakes of his first feature.

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