David Lynch Music Company Adds Odds And Ends Vol. 2 To Twin Peaks Archive

The David Lynch Music Company has just released a 7-track bundle of hard-to-find music from both Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. For $2.99, you get the following audio tracks:

  1. Half Heart (Solo)
  2. Dance of the Dream Man (Original)
  3. Great Northern Piano Tune #2 (Full Version)
  4. One Armed Man’s Theme & Jean Renault’s Theme (TV Mix)
  5. Audrey (TV Version)
  6. Voice of Love (Slow)
  7. Log Lady Presence
[wpaudio url=”http://davidlynch.com/music/Twin-Peaks-Archive/Half-Heart-Solo.ogg” dl=”0″ text”Half Heart (Solo)”]

Odds and Ends Vol. 2

Although we are nearing the end, The Twin Peaks Archive is not quite over… Volume 2 of Odds and Ends presents a number of alternate versions of previously issued material. The Fire Walk With Me cut ‘Half Heart’ is included here in an alternate mix (employed briefly in the film), which removes the original’s guitar and percussion for a softer arrangement of saxophone, synth and upright bass. Also from Fire Walk With Me is a slower and noteworthy version of ‘Voice of Love’ (which likewise appears briefly in the film). ‘Dance of the Dream Man’ can now be coveted in its purest form: playing here without the additional vibraphone on the final measures of the original soundtrack release. Similarly, ‘Audrey’ is included here without its various soundtrack editorial additives. A full-length version of ‘Great Northern Piano Tune #2’ finally receives its proper release, replacing a truncated version previously released by The Archive last year. A mix of ‘One Armed Man’s Theme & Jean Renault’s Theme’ rescued from season two’s music stem is also included here: a stellar example of the highly layered musical combinations that were crafted at times during the final mixing stages of the show. Lastly, and in close relation to the previously released ‘Distant Train,’ the musical sound effect creation ‘Log Lady Presence’ is included from Fire Walk With Me; a track that seemingly utilizes distant train brake ‘squeals’ through infinite-decay reverb to create an incredibly ominous quiet chorus of tones.

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.

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