David Lynch Teases Possible New Music Release With 43-Second Video

David Lynch - TBD716

Less than an hour ago, a short video took over the website of the David Lynch Music Company ( The 43-second clip was uploaded to David Lynch‘s YouTube channel managed by Sunday Best, the UK label that released Crazy Clown Time in Europe back in 2011.

The short clip, titled TBD716, looks like a flip book’s pages being turned, revealing an animated electrical shock hazard sign.

What does the title stand for? To be determind? Test by David? To be destroyed? To be decided? To be dated?

And is 716 a release date of a new song? Perhaps July 16 2013?

Are we in for a “shock”?

Adding to the mystery, he also posted the following Vine (YES, DAVID LYNCH IS ON VINE!):

David Lynch has been making a lot of music with his studio engineer Dean Hurley lately, and he even mentioned reinstating the Thought Gang project with his brother from another mother, Angelo Badalamenti. For the past two years, he used to sell 212 previously unreleased songs and variations from the Twin Peaks soundtrack.

This is definitely to be continued, so watch this space!

David Lynch - TBD716

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