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Stream Silencio’s New Album “She’s Bad”: More Music Inspired By David Lynch And Angelo Badalamenti

After a successful PledgeMusic campaign, my friends of Silencio this week released “She’s Bad”, the outstanding follow-up to their 2012 debut album.

Silencio - She's Bad (album cover)

[bctt tweet=”From Eraserhead to Twin Peaks 2017. Silencio’s “She’s Bad” is the imaginary soundtrack to anything David Lynch.” via=”no”]

The band’s sophomore record continues the musical exploration of David Lynch’s dreamy cinematic world with 18 songs influenced by Angelo Badalamenti’s jazzy themes and epic strings, Duane Eddy’s famous twang, Henry Mancini’s film noir style, Dick Dale’s heart-pumping surf rock, the rip-roaring blues of Link Wray and yes, even a bit of Chris Isaak. It’s no coincidence that Isaak’s guitarist, Hershel Yatovitz, co-wrote the album’s title track together with band leader Kirk Salopek and singer Dessa Poljak.

“She’s Bad” is the kind of timeless album you can put on repeat for a long while without getting tired of it. That’s how versatile it is.

But don’t take my word for it. Have a listen via Spotify (free trial here) and please share your thoughts. You can also support Silencio by purchasing the album on  or

UPDATE: Silencio – “She’s Bad” – 2016 NPR Tiny Desk Contest Submission

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Stream Silencio's New Album “She's Bad”: More Music Inspired By David Lynch And Angelo Badalamenti

Silencio's new album continues the musical exploration of David Lynch's world with influences from Angelo Badalamenti, Henry Mancini and even Chris Isaak.

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