Silencio Releases Debut Album Inspired By The Works Of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti

Silencio, Music Inspired by the Works of David Lynch & Angelo BadalamentiIt goes without saying that I’m a huge fan of Silencio, especially since the night I’ve seen them perform live in New York a few months ago. Today I’m happy to announce that the band’s outstanding debut album, Music Inspired By the Works of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti, has been released digitally on iTunes and

Even though Silencio performs plenty of songs from the David Lynch movie soundtracks during their live shows, this album contains nothing but original material that sounds like “outtakes from some of Badalamenti’s Lynch-iest sessions“. No kidding, David Lynch needs to make a movie for this music.

Just listen to these preview tracks, Slow Sin Jazz and Dreamwalk Dance:

[wpaudio url=”″ dl=”0″ text=”Silencio – Slow Sin Jazz”]

[wpaudio url=”″ dl=”0″ text=”Silencio – Dreamwalk Dance”]

Now the good news: there are 17 of these delicious tracks… for $9.99!

  1. A Dream in Blue
  2. Dreamwalk Dance
  3. Harvest Companion
  4. Music for Crows
  5. Cannibal’s Vamp
  6. Slow Sin Jazz
  7. Lalina
  8. Harvest Companion II
  9. A Minor Montage
  10. Night Drive
  11. Velouro
  12. Latin Six Four
  13. Hari Bari
  14. (Headache & Heartbreak) In a Low Place
  15. Lachrymose
  16. The End of October
  17. Induction

» Silencio – Music Inspired By the Works of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti is available as a digital download on iTunes and

» Watch Silencio’s video for Slow Sin Jazz (you won’t regret).

UPDATE: If you’re a Spotify user, you can stream to the entire album for free right here. Spotify is free, and you can try out its premium features for free too.


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  1. The album is a dream pop rockabilly masterpiece on its own, the fact that the musical elements were submerged deep in the woods of Twin Peaks make it ethereally divine.

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