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Julee Cruise’s First Demo Recordings With Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch To Be Released, “The Voice Of Love” Gets Vinyl Debut

Twenty-five years after its release, Julee Cruise‘s sophomore album, The Voice of Love, will be issued on vinyl for the first time on August 17, 2018, thanks to the good folks at Sacred Bones Records. Also to be released that day is a companion EP called Three Demos, which includes the very first recordings by Julee Cruise, David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti from back when they were still looking for a label for their debut LP, Floating into the Night.

Ever since you kissed my eyes, I find myself alive. I’m floating.

When you preview their demo of “Floating” below, note how it opens with spoken word and how the lyrics are arranged differently than in the album version.

Julee Cruise – Floating (Demo) from Three Demos (August, 2018)

From Sacred Bones Records:

Two years after Blue Velvet was released, the notion of a full album of material took shape and three crucial demos were recorded to gain the confidence and financial support of a label. Early versions of “Floating,” “Falling” and “The World Spins” were all roughed out in economic elegance, rendering distinctive snapshots of what could be if the formula of ‘Mysteries of Love’ was spun into a larger body of work. They’re fascinating glimpses into the genesis of what became Floating Into the Night and the minimal key ingredients that made the material alchemize. An early version of the album opener ’Floating’ originally began with a stunning spoken-word intro later dropped entirely from the album version.

A revelation in their overarching simplicity, the three song collection is devoid of the LP’s additional arrangement flourishes, and yet still manages to present the same emotional depth charge with only voice, synthesizer and lyric.

Julee Cruise – Three Demos

  1. Floating (Demo)
  2. Falling (Demo)
  3. The World Spins (Demo)

Available via Sacred Bones Records.

Out on August 17, 2018, and also available as a limited edition pink vinyl, and in digital format.

UPDATE (November 2018): Sacred Bones Records just released a new limited edition pressing of the EP on red vinyl.

Julee Cruise Twin Peaks demosJulee Cruise Three Demos (Sacred Bones Records)

Julee Cruise – The Voice of Love

  1. This is Our Night
  2. The Space For Love
  3. Movin in on You
  4. Friends for Life
  5. Up In Flames
  6. Kool Kat Walk
  7. Until The End Of the World
  8. She Would Die For Love
  9. In My Other World
  10. Questions in a world of Blue
  11. The Voice of Love

Pre-order via Sacred Bones Records.

Out on August 17, 2018, and also available as a limited edition red-and-clear vinyl, and as a CD.

Julee Cruise - The Voice of Love (Sacred Bones Records)

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Julee Cruise's First Demo Recordings With Angelo Badalamenti & David Lynch To Be Released, “The Voice Of Love” Gets Vinyl Debut

Early Julee Cruise demos of Floating, Falling, and The World Spins will be released on 12" and The Voice Of Love get its vinyl debut 25 years after release.

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