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Twin Peaks Music: Season Two Music And More

In addition to the Soundtrack from Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack, you can now listen to the Twin Peaks Music: Season Two Music And More album. Right here, right now.

The David Lynch Music Company released this second volume about 17 years after the original soundtrack was released, to coincide with the release of The Definitive Gold Box Edition DVD (Amazon). Here’s the full tracklist:

0a. “Abstract Mood” 2:39*
0b. “Credit Boogie” 1:17*
1. “Love Theme Intro” 2:21
2. “Shelly” 2:17
3. “New Shoes” 3:48
4. “High School Swing” 1:51
5. “Hayward Boogie” 2:16 (performed by Alicia Witt)
6. “Blue Frank” 5:10
7. “Audrey’s Prayer” 2:10
8. “I’m Hurt Bad” 2:30
9. “Cop Beat” 1:56
10. “Harold’s Theme” 1:42
11. “Barber Shop” 1:25
12. “Night Bells” 2:47
13. “Just You” 3:36 (vocal by James Marshall, Sheryl Lee & Lara Flynn Boyle)
14. “Drug Deal Blues” 3:08
15. “Audrey” 2:26
16. “Josie and Truman” 4:32
17. “Hook Rug Dance” 2:24
18. “Packard’s Vibration” 2:39
19. “Half Heart” 5:31
20. “Laura’s Dark Boogie” 5:01
21. “Dark Mood Woods/The Red Room” 9:01
22. “Love Theme Farewell” 2:34

*The two hidden bonus tracks “Abstract Mood” and “Credit Boogie” featuring Alicia Witt can only be heard by rewinding the first track of the CD. They’re not available for listening below.

UPDATE: In the summer of 2013, Sacred Bones Records managed to “unearth a select number of copies” of this much sought-after album. You can purchase a physical copy right here (Amazon).

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Twin Peaks Season Two Music And More

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Twin Peaks Season Two Music And More

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