Dance Of The Dream Man (Fast Soprano Clarinet), And Other New Twin Peaks Music

The first addition of 2012 to the ever-growing Twin Peaks Archive on is a $1.99 bundle that includes three beautiful tracks:

  1. Dance of the Dream Man (Fast Soprano Clarinet)
  2. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Baritone Guitar Punctuation)
  3. Leo Returns


[wpaudio url=”” text=”Dance Of The Dream Man Fast Soprano Clarinet” dl=”0″]

“Diane: 6:18 am. Room 315, Great Northern Hotel up here in Twin Peaks. Slept pretty well; non-smoking room – no tobacco smell – so that’s a pretty nice consideration for the business traveler. A hint of douglas fir needles in the air. As Sheriff Truman indicated they would, everything this hotel has promised, they’ve delivered…”

It is important to rewind for a moment and spotlight the very musical cue which began the first season of Twin Peaks. The quicker-tempoed soprano clarinet version of ‘Dance of the Dream Man’ is recognizable from it’s use in the opening scene of episode one: Agent Cooper awakes having just spent his first night in Twin Peaks, and his musical accompaniment is this specific ‘rise and shine’ rendition of his own theme.

Two additional tracks are also presented here along side of ‘Dance of the Dream Man.’ ‘Laura Palmer’s Theme (Baritone Guitar Punctuation)’ borrows a sonic character from the show’s main theme, infusing the signature three-chord riff with an even higher dosage of ominous dread. Additionally, ‘Leo’s Return’ is included; a singularly synth-based cue that supports the narrative arc of Leo Johnson’s return from vegetative state amidst late season two.


Pieter Dom

Written by Pieter Dom

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