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Laura Palmer’s Theme Bundle Available From Davidlynch.com

The Twin Peaks Archive on davidlynch.com released a beautiful bundle with 15 variations on Laura Palmer's Theme.
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The Twin Peaks Archive on davidlynch.com released a beautiful 15-track bundle which can be yours for $3.99. Are you still reading? Seriously, you should be buying that collection of previously unreleased Twin Peaks music right now.


Laura Palmer bound so much of the Twin Peaks universe together. Her presence – and to an even greater extent her absence – managed to summon a collective, community-wide emotional pulse. For the music of the series, this was reinforced by the ‘double duty’ of this singular composition…acting as both Laura Palmer’s Theme as well as the Love Theme. Wether characters were conjuring up memories of Laura specifically, or channeling emotion in general, one unifying theme ascended and descended over all.

Included within this bundle are a number of remaining unreleased versions of Laura Palmer’s Theme. Some are full expressions of the familiar composition while others are truncated portions. At the risk of over-saturation, every take of one series of Laura Palmer’s Theme for solo piano have been included here. Although not all of these were screen-used, it does sound as though a majority of them were. Beyond piano, versions of the theme for vibraphone, clarinet and synthesizer are additionally presented here.

[wpaudio url=”http://davidlynch.com/music/Twin-Peaks-Archive/Laura-Palmer-Solo-Piano.ogg” text=”Laura Palmer’s Theme” dl=”0″]

  1. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Dark Synth)
  2. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Solo Piano)
  3. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Vibraphone)
  4. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Letter from Harold)
  5. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Caroline)
  6. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Clarinet Bridge)
  7. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Clarinet Strings Bridge)
  8. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano Bridge)
  9. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano A) TK1
  10. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano A) TK2
  11. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano A) TK3
  12. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano A) TK4
  13. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano A) TK5
  14. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano B) TK1
  15. Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano B) TK2

Laura Palmer's Theme Bundle

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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