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Robert Forster On Filming The New Twin Peaks: “Whatever It Is David, Here I Come!”

Robert Forster in a deleted scene from Mulholland Drive

Robert Forster in a deleted scene from David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.

I can now say they’ve announced the fact that I’m in the picture — and 216 other cast members. What a big cast!

Robert Forster keeps his lips tight when asked about his role in the new episodes of Twin Peaks, expected to premiere on Showtime in the spring of 2017, but the actor admits he was eager to work with David Lynch again more than a decade after the award-winning Mulholland Drive.

David Lynch, what a good guy he is. He wanted to hire me for the original, 25 years ago, for a part, and I was committed to another guy for a pilot that never went. So I didn’t do the original “Twin Peaks,” which would have been a life-changer. It’s a gigantic hit if you remember those years, a phenomenon. But I didn’t do that. […] And this time, I got a call from my agents and they said, David Lynch is going to call you. When he called me five minutes later, he said, “I’d like you to come and work with me again.” And I said, “Whatever it is David, here I come!”

Working with David Lynch for the past several months was a real joy, says Forster:

[I] can tell you that he is one of the great artists in this business, and he does things that … when he needs something, everybody pulls hard and makes it happen. What else? He’s one of those guys who, after a shot, you hear “action,” you hear “cut,” you hear a few minutes of him rolling around in his mind, and everybody’s quiet and waiting to hear what he’s going to say. And sometimes he says, “Shoot it again,” but sometimes he says, “Okay, we got it. Move on.” This is a guy who knows a great shot when he does it, and can move on. It’s an art form to know how strong your shot is, and whether or not that’s going to fit with your needs. He’s an artist, and there aren’t many. […] I’m hopeful that I get a chance to live long enough to get a chance to do it again.

The entire interview can be found over at moviefone.

Robert Forster in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive

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Robert Forster On Filming The New Twin Peaks: “Whatever It Is David, Here I Come!”

“David Lynch is a guy who knows a great shot when he does it.”

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