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Jeremy Saunders, a Sydney, Autralia-based movie poster designer who at the moment is trying to avoid doing movie poster work, spent his free time creating movie posters for David Lynch films. A good intention gone bad? I flatly disagree. Just look at this spectacular work!

UPDATE: A limited edition of these prints as well as a collectors edition pack is now available from Jeremy’s online store.

  1. Very limited editions of 10 for each LYNCHED design. Printed full-size (1000x700mm or 39×27”), hand numbered and signed on recycled acid-free stock. $95 AUD (about US$98) each.
  2. A  signed and numbered LYNCHED collectors edition pack (limited to 100 copies), of all ten designs on recycled card, plus two exclusive pieces (for Twin Peaks and Industrial Symphony #1), bound with hard covers and pad glue for easy separation, with a bellyband and wrapped in plastic. A4 (about 8×11.5”)  and $49.95 (about US$51) each.

“You wouldn’t mind marrying me, would you Henry?”

David Lynch's Eraserhead by Jeremy Saunders

“Perhaps she could love me as I am. I’ve tried so hard to be good.”

David Lynch's The Elephant Man by Jeremy Saunders

“It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.”

David Lynch's Dune by Jeremy Saunders

“You got about one fuckin’ second to live, buddy! You’re one sorry piece of shit, mister. Hey, pretty, pretty!”

David Lynch's Blue Velvet by Jeremy Saunders

“Those toenails dry yet, sweetheart? We got some dancin’ to do.”

David Lynch's Wild At Heart by Jeremy Saunders

“Well now, I’m not gonna talk about Judy. In fact, we’re not gonna talk about Judy at all, we’re gonna keep her out of it.”

David Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me by Jeremy Saunders

“Dick Laurent is dead…”

David Lynch's Lost Highway by Jeremy Saunders

“Well I can’t imagine anything good about being blind and lame at the same time but, still at my age I’ve seen about all that life has to dish out. I know to separate the wheat from the chaff, and let the small stuff fall away.”

David Lynch's The Straight Story by Jeremy Saunders

“It’ll be just like in the movies. Pretending to be somebody else.”

David Lynch's Mulholland Dr by Jeremy Saunders

“I’ll show you the light now. It burns bright forever. No more blue tomorrows. You on high now, love.”

David Lynch's Inland Empire by Jeremy Saunders

“Diane… I’m holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies”

Diane by Jeremy Saunders

Industrial Symphony No. 1
David Lynch's Industrial Symphony No. 1 by Jeremy Saunders

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