New Twin Peaks Teaser Shows Glimpses Into The Lives Of Big Ed, Sarah Palmer, Deputy Hawk, Agent Cooper & Others!

Who would have thought? Less than a week after a brief location tour around Twin Peaks, David Lynch is actually sharing more footage from the upcoming series.


This new teaser not only reveals how a handful of familiar characters look 25 years later, it also gives us a better preview of the updated color timing and digital look of the new Twin Peaks. How do you like it?

Reunite with some familiar faces 25 years later including Big Ed Hurley (Everett McGill), Carl Rodd (Harry Dean Stanton), Sarah Palmer (Grace Zabriskie), Deputy Andy Brennan (Harry Goaz), Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill (Michael Horse), and FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan).

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. It looks so good–it doesn’t have that weird glossy look some current shows get where the lighting control is so obvious. Ahhhh I am ready for Mama Palmer to scream at me some more ?

  2. Man I cannot wait! Grace Zabriskie back as Sarah Palmer! In my opinion the very best scream queen of all time!

  3. They are really playing up the grim aspects of the series here, all the way down to the lighting. This concerns me because one of the great aspects of the original series was that it balanced the dark realities with joyful whimsy. I’m not sure I will enjoy 18 hours of pure Fire Walk With Me. I going to want some Mayor Milford and Senor Droolcup. And Trudy! Gotta have Trudy, with griddlecakes and a side of ham!

    • oh my, to think of how glorious the whole 18 hours would be if it were drenched in darkness, but that’s just where i dwell. i’m sure the wit and whimsy will be quite plentiful as well.

      wow, that rhymed!

      • Harry Dean Stanton looks scared to death! And Coop looks as worried / miserable as sin in every shot I’ve seen from the new series.

        I was watching some of the old episodes last week and was struck by the amazing use of colour, particularly the blues (Julee Cruise) and reds (the curtains) in some scenes. The new series looks like it has a much more muted palette.

        • Given Carl Rodd’s experiences in The Secret History, that doesn’t shock me too much.

          I’ve been rewatching the series again as well and the use of color is powerful. In particular, the intensity of the wood in the Great Northern intrigues me greatly.

        • Hi Chris,

          If you’re re-watching the old series on Netflix, it’s not really representative. If you compare the Netflix episodes to the Lynch-approved DVDs or Blu-ray, you’ll see that the saturation, or brightness, or SOMETHING, is cranked way up on the versions that are streaming.

          There are certainly moments (like Julee Cruise and red curtains, as you mention) that are vivid, but given the look of the original home video discs and the TV technology from the late 80s, I think it’s fair to say that when the series originally aired, it also had a much more muted palette than the version most people watch today.

  4. Notice Mrs. Palmer was in the wine aisle. Oh boy.

    Rob B, I think there will be plenty of humor too, but Lynch won’t just do retreads of the original series “quirkiness”. Even FWWM had more humor than it may have seemed on reflection.

    • Well, if anyone was going to drink to excess, it was poor Sarah. Hopefully, the new season will help her finally find peace.

      As for maintaining the “quirkiness,” I’m still willing to trust Mr. Lynch, if only because so many of the original cast have returned. It’s becoming clear, though, that I need to revisit Fire Walk With Me. I haven’t seen it in years, so maybe I’ll gain a new appreciation for it.

    • Someone commented on an earlier trailer that it looked like some kind of bird. An owl, perhaps? Maybe Cooper isn’t, strictly speaking, working for the Bureau anymore…

  5. holy moly it’s happening! Again! Curious to find out what the opening sequence is going to look like and if “Falling” has been reworked. Soooo pumped!

    • The man is certainly skilled in his craft. Also, he seems to be able to bring out the very best in the actors he works with, which is a rare thing.

  6. Somehow I think Lucy reporting Invitation to Love episodes, Andy bungling scotch tape, and general doughnut-gorging won’t be the style of humor. Lynch evolves from piece to piece. Maybe think FWWM with Agent CD humiliating the deputy and hammering on his nose–that strange kind of humor. Not slapstick–but so funny.

    • Seattle — Yeah, maybe, but that’s Deer Meadow humor, not Twin Peaks humor. As our Very Special Agent says in the episode “Rest in Pain,” Twin Peaks is special because it’s a place where life has meaning and value, where there is light in the darkness. Take that away, and the show becomes just another retread of the “doom and gloom” crop of dramas that dominate modern television (“Breaking Bad,” “Sons of Anarchy,” etc.). These are fine shows, but as Cooper says, Twin Peaks is different…

      • @Rob B–Aces, how could I have missed that! You’re talking about doppelganger humor comparison theory (DHCT). Now I have a fresh reason to rewatch FWWM (for the 4-dozenth time) with a focus on that. This world (Lynch’s, that is) never stops giving me a reason to live.

        • *hat tip* Happy to be of some service. It’s been *decades* since I watched FWWM, so I’m definitely behind on the story…

  7. Coop looks like he’s worried or scared. Is it the good Dale or the bad Dale ? I think this series is going to be a mind trip !

  8. I echo the concerns of some of the other posters, when I say that this looks, visually, a lot like FWWM. Look, I love FWWM, but I genuinely prefer the balance that the series offered. I love Twin Peaks because in spite of the horrific events that occurred there, It felt like a town you’d want to live in and explore. I have spent the last 27 years having nightmares of BOB, I don’t want to spend the entire 18 hours of the new season watching through my fingers. I genuinely hope that balance is there. Please don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that the show is coming back in whatever form that Lynch AND Frost decided to give it to us.

  9. The missing pieces scenes in FWWM have some really sweet, and really funny stuff that got edited out. The problem with a film is that you have to mostly go for one mood, to make it strong. There´s no way we´re getting 18 hours of one note horror, I mean, even Eraserhead has a lot of funny moments, not to say, Mulholland Drive. The Lynch style of humor isn´t “light”, it´s not fluff, but more absurd, wonderful, dreamlike stuff like the intuitive rock throwing sequence in early season 1. Outside of Dune everything Lynch has done is gold. And even Dune is a spectacular failure, a really enjoyable cult movie failure. Everyone just keep and open mind and go with it, it´s going to be A RIDE.

  10. When we see the C.U. of Coop’s face, I believe that it is Laura standing beside him. Whoever it is, Twin Peaks S03 is gonna Rock!!

  11. There’s already been a third series of Twin Peaks, it’s called ‘The X-Files’, the essential tale is the same: inhuman entities abuse humanity for their own sick ends, Major Briggs & Dennis/Denise are obvious links, Mark Snow also provides the odd musical echo of Badalamenti’s score.

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