Dale Cooper And The Roadhouse Appear In Four Brand New Images From Twin Peaks 2017

Without spilling any details, The Playlist today shared four photos from the new Twin Peaks, including an exclusive first look at Dale Cooper in the Red Room —has he aged at all?— and the famous Bang Bang Bar aka Roadhouse.

UPDATE: These images originate from the Cannes Film Festival‘s website, where the screening of Twin Peaks has an advertised duration of 112 minutes. That means the length of each part of the new series is possibly 56 minutes.

Twin Peaks Double R Diner (2017)

Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department (2017) Roadhouse / Bang Bang Bar (2017)

Dale Cooper in the Red Room - 25 Years Later

Pieter Dom

Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. My initial response is not liking the “CGI/Green screen” quality of that Red Room image. I sincerely hope they’re using a practical set and not graphics for the Red Room.

  2. Let’s just be grateful that it is happening again. Now don’t go and get Nadine all riled up about the drapes!

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