David Lynch And Mark Frost Planted Another Secret Message In The Last 5 Seconds Of Twin Peaks Part 7

Fellas, we missed something in Twin Peaks: The Return Part 7.

Too busy deciphering the airplane windows code —without success so far— we missed a similar code hidden in the Lynch/Frost Productions bumper at the very end. Here’s what the usual ident looks like since 1990 (you’ll have to imagine the electrical sizzling sound).

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And here’s a slowed down version of the stop-motion animation appearing right after the end credits of Part 7, as first noticed by Johnny Walker.

Notice how the spaces within the letters R and O in “Frost,” and the P, R, O, D, and O in “productions” are sometimes filled with white, similar to the masking of the airplane windows.

Here’s a quick transcription of the pattern in the Lynch/Frost Productions outro:

O, PR, O, ROO, O, PRO, R, D, R, OD, PR, PRO, PRO, RO, PROD, D, R, ROD, O, PR, RO, ROO, PR, O, RO, RO, D, PR, PR, RO, PROD, D, O

UPDATE: Seven letters are used, so we can also sequence it like this:

0100000, 0011000, 0100000, 1100001, 0100000, 0011100, 10000000, 0000010, 1000000, and so on…

Even stranger is that the modified bumper also appears after Part 9 in the on-demand version on NowTV (Sky Atlantic) but not in Showtime’s version.

Are David Lynch and Mark Frost trolling Twin Peaks fans? Or will any of you cryptanalysts out there be able to decode their message? Please report back with your findings!

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Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. I’ll be amazed if they can be “deciphered”. It seems probable that it goes beyond what they were expecting the fans to do (I mean, there’s no point going to the great pains to figure out a complex cryptography system if nobody is going to care about it), but who knows. I mean they knew we’d be obsessive, but HOW obsessive is difficult to gauge. I feel they’re probably a general indication of something only.

    My personal theory is that it relates to the numbers/codes that we’ve seen (possibly even including Bill Hasting’s coordinates). I think a theme in the show is that these “codes” are all around us waiting to be deciphered, and Hastings (and Briggs, et al) found a way to do so.

    So the glint of sun on an airplane window, etc., can be turned into something meaningful. And I think Mark and David are having a little fun by placing it in their own production animation, too.

    One thought has struck me, though. Given that hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of people have watched Part 7 and not noticed this… could there be others in other episodes that we haven’t spotted yet?

  2. I kinda like the fact that these haven’t been officially solved yet. I figured with the power of the internet these would be solved within the first day. I can still be famous!

  3. I’ve had a chance to take a look at this in more detail, and to be honest the filling of the holes just seems to follow the brightness of the lights. So I don’t think there’s a secret message here necessarily (although how much fun would it be if there was!).

    It is intriguing that both this and the airplane have seven elements to them, though, it’s still fun to speculate!

  4. Look at it as an extension of the message that Major Garland Briggs received from the deep space monitors. Did you know his superior, Colonel Riley, describe Garland Briggs as the best pilot he’s ever known?

    The airplane.

    “Row after row of gibberish and all of a sudden… the owls are not what they seem.” – Major Briggs

    Cooper – Cooper – Coo (paper cuts out before revealing the 3rd Cooper.

  5. Note that there are
    5 windows on the plane
    5 people on the plane sitting initially in from of the 5 windows
    5 fingers cole is talking about
    5 arches in the photo of Mr. C

  6. This is exactly the sort of rational mind fixation activity that Twin Peaks is designed to remedy.

    The light shave no meaning. Your life has no meaning. When you die you will be gone.

    Get used to it.

  7. Two things. First, I think it is interesting that Lynch is not affected. Is he impervious to electricity? ?
    Also, that this “code” appears in this sequence, means it is no longer part of the Twin Peaks universe, per se, but in fact merely a game between Lynch and/or Frost and the audience. This sort of extratextuality seems more along the lines of something one might see watching “Lost’ than anything we’ve come to expect from Lynch.

  8. Lynch is not affected because there are no “holes” in the letters L-Y-N-C-H to get filled in, as there are in O, P, D, R…

  9. The code is in reverse.
    As is the the woodsman sightings in Part 11.
    When Gordon, Albert, and Hastings see the woodsman the shot is normal.
    When Diane sees him, the buildings are shot in reverse.
    To understand the meaning one must go backwards.

  10. I definitely did not solve it, but just responding to the “7 letter code” thing, I wanted to put it out there that I saw it a bit differently: There are 10 different combinations of letters used:

    0. O
    1. PR
    2. ROO
    3. PRO
    4. R
    5. D
    6. OD
    7. RO
    8. PROD
    9. ROD

    I’m not sure if anyone can make sense of the resultant numeric series (or its reverse), but here it is:


  11. Makes sense that it would be in reverse, just like the voices of people in the black lodge. The odd scenes with Laura Palmer were filmed completely in reverse. It took me a while to figure that out. It was her blinking that gives it away. Lots of things are backwards in this show.

  12. To clarify what I mean about being filmed in reverse, if you watch episode 1, the scene at about 1 hour 12 minutes in, you will see that the entire scene was filmed and acted out from the end of the scene to the beginning. Then that tape was played backwards. They must have dubbed the dialogue and then reversed specific letters and syllables in words so they’re still intelligible, but unnerving at the same time. Not sure if anyone has touched on this at all yet. Just my observations.

  13. You shouldn’t put every O together in one. Each O, in Frost, and Production is a position. I also like the music theory approach to this. If you can translate to O1, O2, R1 R2, etc, with the O1 being the one in Frost, post it here. Will try playing it.

  14. Do te new Twin Peaks book wil frees the watchers again on the TV?

    WHo dare to like this new book?


  15. ASCII codes used to have 7 bit coding and one bit was used as parity check. But this still gives just gibberish:

    0100000 SP or backwards STX
    0011000 CAN FF
    0100000 SP STX
    1100001 a C
    0100000 SP STX
    0011100 @ SOH

    So mostly just communication characters.

  16. 1. Encoded Messages are meant to pass a message from the sender to the receiver without being overheard by the medium.

    2. Who would the receiver be of these encoded messages?

    – It’s not the watcher of the Show – otherwise they would have the cypher (or been provided the cypher).
    – It’s not the characters in the show, and Lynch hasn’t had any characters break the 4th wall….
    – its not for the benefit of the sender.

    Without knowing the intended receiver – it’s difficult to know when the code has been broken. For Example…what if the decrypted message is “XP72098jkhdf”? Without knowing the receiver is a hacker waiting for a bank routing number, the decrypted message is meaningless.

  17. Hi all, I’ve trying to unsuccessfully decipher this code for a month.
    My leads were:
    – since both flickering codes appear in episode 7, and they both have 7 “bits”, I think the code in the jet windows and the code at the Lynch/Frost Productions bumper are linked. The latter may serve as a key for the former.
    – if it’s a message, then we (the viewers) should have clues to recognise patterns in this code
    – the code at the end has 30 patterns (or 31 depending on how you count)
    – Since it has 31 letters, I thought the coded message could be “THE/OWLS/ARE/NOT/WHAT/THEY/SEEM”. All my attempts failed. Wrong lead
    – I remembered also the message from the log Lady: “Balance is the key. Balance is the key to many things. The word BALANCE has seven letters. Seven is difficult to balance, but not impossible if we are able to divide. There are, of course, the pros and cons of division.” Not sure if it’s related, and how to interpret that.
    – I expect the code to match the only code way got in Twin Peaks before, which are the ones received by Briggs. That is something in the form of: “K987/M666/N987/B767/V656/C656/COOPER/COOPER/COO” or the one that appears in EP10 (THE/OWLS/ARE/NOT/…)
    – I also tried to implement the punch card codes method from the Douglas W Jones paper (this lead hasn’t been fully explored).

    Hope this helps future cryptoanalysts!

  18. This is very high level comment without any arguments. It is about the plane.
    After the plane in the air scene we get Gordon rubbing his fingers and looked focused but on guard.
    I think he is the one communicating. My wild guess is with Fireman or Jeffries, but have to work on that.

  19. There are many codes on twin peaks. I was curious about 6. I found no answer. Man is 5 the Devi is 6 and God is 7. Lynch is a genius.

  20. ??, ??? ??????????? ???? “RR” ???????????????? ??? Red Room, ????? ?????? ?? ??????????????… (The fact that the roadside cafe ” RR ” stands for Red Room, almost no one was interested…)

  21. Could these letters merely spell out the word “prod”,
    such as a cattle prod? A cattle prod does emit electricity
    somewhere between 1,500 and 10,000 volts. Which we
    all know in viewing Lynch’s work there’s a gravitation to

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