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Calling All Cryptanalysts: Did Lynch & Frost Hide A Secret Code In Flickering Airplane Windows?

Come on now. Don’t give us, obsessive Twin Peaks fans, that look. We waited long enough for the series to return, so if we want to spend the 167 hours between ‘episodes’ decoding a potential secret code appearing in flickering airplane windows, then that’s what we’ll do.

Stop! Rewind.

Flickering airplane windows?

Check Part 7’s establishing shot of the FBI’s private jet flying past Mt. Shasta on its way to Yankton Federal Prison in Sioux City.

Notice the randomly white-outed windows?

No? Here’s a close-up of the Gulfstream G450 in slow motion, thanks to Li C.

You may think this is just the sun reflecting in the jet’s windows. Well, take a look at this negative version of the footage uploaded by Michael Godinez, which reveals the digital masks added in post to cover different windows frame after frame. UPDATE: As pointed out by ICYHOT, an area on the tail is masked as well.

UPDATE: Still not convinced? Here’s the original footage WITHOUT any light flickering, thanks to RunDNA.

Ethan Harper has been intrigued by this discovery since Sunday night. “There are exactly 135 frames in the sequence in question,” he tells Welcome to Twin Peaks. Below is Ethan’s transcript in groups of 7-high blocks, which includes the first 31 frames where all windows are visible. Underneath, you’ll find alternative transcriptions by Nick Sharratt and Justin Brown.

Plane window code pattern by Ethan Harper

Plane window pattern by Ethan Harper

Plane window code pattern by Nick Sharratt

Plane window pattern by Nick Sharratt

Plane window code pattern by Justin Brown

Plane window pattern by Justin Brown

But now what? Do the numbers somehow add up to 430, the first mystery number of the new season?

Or maybe there’s always music in the air, and this is a flute fingering chart to play the tune Gordon Cole was whistling on a Native American 6-hole flute?

Maybe it’s just Diane sending out Morse code for “F*** you, Internet!”

Welcome to Twin Peaks is calling all cryptanalysts to decipher the code in the comments. And should you think this is a little far-fetched, check out the FBI’s current dot code puzzle. A source of inspiration?

FBI dot code quiz

The answer to the FBI’s cryptanalysis quiz is “This time we used dot codes for each alphabet character. A little harder perhaps. Well done if you were able to solve it.”


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Calling All Cryptanalysts: Did Lynch & Frost Hide A Secret Code In Flickering Airplane Windows?

Answer: Of course they did! In Twin Peaks fandom, there's nothing wrong with obsessing over flickering airplane windows.

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