Showtime’s Dale Cooper And Laura Palmer Teasers Mix Old And New Twin Peaks Footage

Laura Palmer in new Twin Peaks teaser

Let’s take a closer look at Showtime’s two simultaneously released 30-second Twin Peaks teasers —after Twin Tweets, we get Twin Teasers— both mixing in the “It is happening again” title card for the very first time.

Twin Peaks ‘Mirror’ Tease

The “Mirror” tease shows Dale Cooper’s final shot in the season two finale —note that we do not hear his final words— followed by footage of a somber, present-day Dale Cooper as seen in an earlier teaser.

What happens during the 25 years between both scenes will likely be unraveled in the new Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks ‘Body’ Tease

The second tease, titled “Body,” shows the iconic head shot of the murdered Laura Palmer and then jumps to a previously unseen shot of her homecoming queen portrait taped to what looks like cardboard. Is it missing the frame? Can we assume that, just like the image of Dale Cooper in the dark, this footage is from the upcoming series?

So why did Showtime release these two teasers simultaneously? Maybe we need to play them back at the same time? Now it doesn’t look like he’s in that room, but at about 16 seconds in, maybe Dale Cooper is looking at/for Laura Palmer… again?

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. I wonder does anyone else think we may be in a storyline in the new series where Cooper is trying to prevent Laura’s original murder by traveling back in time via the Black Lodge ?
    In looking at the Twin Peaks Sign in the trailers the population is the same as it was in the original series 25 years ago. I would assume the population of the town would either increase or decrease in that time therefore, I believe we will be revisiting the original story with a new twist. I am looking forward to the series regardless. Just a thought.

    • @Dana — If I recall correctly, the sign in Twin Peaks was inaccurate anyway; the town was way smaller than the sign indicated. Like so much else in Twin Peaks, the sign has “always been there.”

  2. Both trailers are good. To hear the “slowed version” of the theme while Cooper slams his head into the mirror is definitely creepy. Also, did anyone notice that Laura’s iconic homecoming picture is in a sepia tone rather than in full color? Maybe that’s the color it is in the Black Lodge?

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