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This Rare Twin Peaks Promo Log Is Filled With Secrets

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Looks like any other sturdy log, doesn’t it?Showtime's Twin Peaks promo log

But wait! Seems like you can open it…Showtime's Twin Peaks promo log

Turns out this log is filled with secrets!

Showtime's Twin Peaks promo log

Like the Twin Peaks Definitive Gold Box Edition (Amazon).

Showtime's Twin Peaks promo log

A bag of David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee plus a fresh doughnut.

A limited edition white Twin Peaks icons mug designed by David Lynch.

 Showtime's Twin Peaks promo log

And last but not least, a Great Northern Hotel keychain, a CD and a USB key to unlock its contents.Showtime's Twin Peaks promo log

This is one of a limited number of promotional logs sent out by Showtime to select cable companies and TV stations ahead of the May 21st premiere of Twin Peaks. Not sure exactly how rare they are, but just one or two have appeared on eBay so far and one of them sold for over $500!

The auction for the log pictured above, which comes with all the goodies except for the doughnut, ends in a few hours so go bid now.

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This Rare Twin Peaks Promo Log Is Filled With Secrets

Check out the contents of this rare promotional log Showtime sent out to promote the new Twin Peaks.

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