The David Lynch Art Collection: Twin Peaks Merchandise From The Hand Of Its Creator

Showtime recently launched its official Twin Peaks merchandise store, and while the majority of the collection is personally approved by David Lynch, let’s take a closer look at the 11 items that feature actual artwork by the director and co-creator himself.

UPDATE: These items are not available any longer.

Twin Peaks Map Giclee

When he and Mark Frost pitched the idea for a new television series to ABC, David Lynch brought a charcoal map to the meeting. The Twin Peaks town map helped the creators to describe the mood of each place, what could happen there and which characters wandered around. The first reproduction has been sold out for years, but a new edition is now available as a 24″ by 16.8″ print at a fraction of the previous price. Don’t miss out!Twin Peaks map by David Lynch giclee

Twin Peaks Powder Flats

Originally part of the In The Trees exhibition and long sold out since, this slightly larger 18″ by 24″ giclee of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks lithograph is available again. The print has also been reproduced on a reversible 14-1/2″ by 14-3/4″ tote bag and a 100% organic cotton t-shirt.
Twin Peaks Powder Flats Giclee
Twin Peaks mountains by David Lynch tote bag
Twin Peaks mountains by David Lynch t-shirt

Twin Peaks Line Art

Also repurposed from the In The Trees exhibition, David Lynch’s hand-drawn artwork on a glossy black 10 oz. diner mug. Just add damn good coffee. UPDATE: Now also available as slim-fit t-shirts for men and women.TP donut/pie mug

David Lynch Twin Peaks Line Art DonutDavid Lynch Line Art Donut

David Lynch Line Art Cherry Pie David Lynch Line Art Cherry Pie

Twin Peaks Icons

A hand-drawn fish, log, slice of cherry pie, and cup of coffee go a long way! David Lynch’s Twin Peaks icons are featured in various combinations on super-soft, lightweight fish-log-coffee and donut-log-pie t-shirts, a black diner mug, a heavyweight cotton 14″ by 14″ handkerchief, a 33″ by 33″ ‘Hillary-style’ chiffon scarf, and last but not least, a white 8″ by 20″ print on French paper.
Twin Peaks fish, log, coffee t-shirt
Twin Peaks Pie Log Donut t-shirt
Twin Peaks icons mugs
Twin Peaks icons handkerchief
Twin Peaks icons scarfTwin Peaks icons print

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Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been trying to buy one of the official Twin Peaks Icons mugs but Showtime won’t ship to the UK. Does anyone know if they are available elsewhere from someone who will ship internationally? The mugs are also listed on, but only through the Showtime Store which again limits shipping to the US only.

    Many thanks!

  2. I’ve spent an interesting but ultimately frustrating trip going in circles trying to find where these David Lynch pieces can be purchased. Am I trapped in The Red Room and just don’t know it?

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