David Lynch And Mikkeller Are Serving You “Wild At Heart” Inspired Beer

Marietta Red - David Lynch beer

Mikkeller Brewing NYC today announced a new collaboration with David Lynch. Following last year’s release of three official Twin Peaks beers, the new Marietta Red is inspired by Wild at Heart‘s memorable red lipstick scene starring Laura Dern’s mother, Diane Ladd, as Marietta Fortune.Diane Ladd (Marietta) in Wild at HeartMarietta Red (MKNYC x David Lynch) is brewed with Motueka and Wai’iti hops. An addition of hibiscus gives the hop forward pale ale a floral taste, delicate feel and rich red coloring. It will be available at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption 2018 in Los Angeles in October where Wild at Heart is to be screened, and at the microbrewery’s Marketplace in Queens, NY, starting Saturday.Marietta Red (MKNYC x David Lynch) Marietta Red (MKNYC x David Lynch)

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