Twin Peaks Mentioned On Dallas

Bobby Ewing hears about Twin Peaks from a guy in a bar… and he’s not impressed:

I got a great 30 minute drama: it’s all about this dwarf that sings backwards — it sounds high concept, right? Sure it does. I figure you take a woman that talks to logs… I dunno… maybe a couple of jelly doughnuts

This scene from the Dallas episode “Smooth Operator” aired February 15th in 1991 and was ripped for our pleasure by Jason Ronbeck!

DallasAnother little known fact; did you know that both series share an actor? Joshua Harris, who played Bobby and Pamela Ewing’ adopted son, Christopher, is better known to Twin Peaks fans as the mischievous Nicky. At the age of 15, Josh retired from show business to pursue a professional career in baseball. He eventually played for the Chicago Cubs, but is now back in the entertainment business as a producer/director. Who’d have expected so many great things of little Nicky?

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Ha!
    I just watched this episode of Dallas and immediately searched the web to find something about it. Seems like they were kicking a show that was already down on its luck, because, at this point, Twin Peaks was consistently losing viewers and had lost the buzz in the cultural zeigeist. Undeservedly, of course. Alhough this was definitely well in into the string of disappointing season two episodes. Yet those Peaks episodes still stand miles above even the best of Dallas when it was at its prime, and at this point Dallas was a brittle shell of what it once was, being that it was the fourteenth and final season where the ratings had continuously cratered for years leading up to it.
    So it’s pretty rich to see the Dallas writers taking jabs at Twin Peaks! Hilarious and quite sad of them to be honest. Maybe they took Invitation To Love a little too personally.
    I do have a certain love for Dallas solely for J.R. Ewing/Larry Hagman, but come on! Twin Peaks’ legacy and impact on contemporary television absolutely trounces Dallas’ impact on what is now considered antiquated storytelling.

    • I got the reference right away as a huge Twin Peaks fan. I was out partying in high school or college when the two shows were competing. I am on the 14th episode of Dallas after wondering about who shot J.R. I was sucked in and have spent much of the summer watching it. When it started in 1978 I was too young to watch the scandalous show, according to my parents. It has been a lot of fun, with Hagman proving he was probably the best leading man on any TV show ever. I’ll be sad when it’s done …………But I think there are reunions, etc. As for the amazing Twin Peaks, I was so disappointed in the return. They should have left it be with Kyle Mclachlan becoming the killer. Good eyes and ears for this reference. I was right on it too.