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“There Are 238 Speaking Parts In The New Twin Peaks,” Reveals Costume Designer Nancy Steiner

As a fan and admirer of Patricia Norris, Nancy Steiner was aware that she was “stepping into really big shoes” when she was hired to become the costume designer on the new Twin Peaks. Not that Nancy’s own career isn’t remarkable. She’s responsible for the costumes in The Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation, and Little Miss Sunshine, to name just a few titles. And let’s not forget Kurt Cobain’s iconic green grandpa sweater. So when she received a call from Twin Peaks producer Sabrina Sutherland, the only thing she had to say was ‘I’ll do it.’

I was so flattered to be on David’s team. I consider David Lynch a true artist. He’s not only a filmmaker, he’s a painter, he’s a musician, he draws. He thinks about the world in such an artistic way, and it’s not often that you get to work with someone that is a true artist in many realms. And he’s got his way. I’ll tell you this: I could never really get inside his head. It’s so unique to him—his taste. And I kept trying and trying and sometimes I’d hit it on the head and sometimes I wouldn’t and we’d have to try it again. We got to create some amazing characters.

Robert Knepper in costume for the Twin Peaks

Robert Knepper in costume for the Twin Peaks.

Albeit a fan of the original series, Nancy had no idea how massive the love for Twin Peaks still is (…or is again).

[W]hen I was doing the series, I kept thinking that I really wanted it to be right, not only for David, but for the fans, because when I started on it, I realized how big of a cult following Twin Peaks has … I went online and I thought, Holy shit—this is huge. I was like, Oh, okay, I am entering a world that is beyond what I’ve ever worked on before. So I really was aware of that and it was in the back of my mind the whole time.

“We are really, literally, 25 years after the original show ended,” Nancy tells Fashion Unfiltered. So did the contemporary time frame affect the fashion sense of the town’s residents, or will we still see saddle shoes and vintage knitwear?

[T]his show is 25 years later … so we were interpreting that. But David Lynch’s taste runs from the ’30s through the ’50s, so that’s what that vibe is from—he loves those silhouettes, he loves the clothes from back then. I just incorporated some of that in my characters depending on who they were. There are 238 speaking parts in the new Twin Peaks. I thought about each character and their vibe. When I do a contemporary story, it doesn’t mean it’s just contemporary clothing. Because, as we all know, people wear vintage.

Two hundred thirty-eight speaking parts. Already a mammoth number, that’s even 21 more than there are names on the official cast list. You didn’t think David Lynch and Mark Frost showed all their cards yet, did you? If this is true, it confirms some surprise appearances or —this is David Lynch after all— multiple characters played by the same actor. Let the guessing game begin!

Source: Fashion Unfiltered.

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“There Are 238 Speaking Parts In The New Twin Peaks,” Reveals Costume Designer Nancy Steiner

That's 21 more than on the official Twin Peaks cast list. Surprise cameos? Let the guessing game begin!

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