I’ll See You In The Trees: Rest In Peace, Jimmy Scott (1925-2014)

R.I.P. Little Jimmy Scott, the Black Lodge singer in Twin Peaks

I’m deeply saddened to report that ‘Little’ Jimmy Scott has passed away yesterday, June 12, 2014 at age 88. This post will be updated throughout the day with tributes to the legendary jazz singer.

Meanwhile, have a look at an earlier Tribute To Jimmy Scott’s Sycamore Trees and enjoy his appearance as the Black Lodge singer (credited as (as James V. Scott) in the final episode of Twin Peaks. Definitely one of my favorite moments in the whole series.

“David Lynch saw me and wanted to use me. He said he liked my aura. I didn’t understand the storyline at all. He had me in a dark room, in a suit and bow tie singing to a dwarf (laughs).”
—Jimmy Scott to Double J.

Sycamore Trees

By David Lynch (lyrics) & Angelo Badalamenti (music). Included on the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me soundtrack.

I got idea man
You take me for a walk
Under the sycamore trees
The dark trees that blow baby
In the dark trees that blow

And I’ll see you
And you’ll see me
And I’ll see you in the branches that blow
In the breeze,
I’ll see you in the trees
Under the sycamore trees

Jimmy Scott diorama by Alix Tobey Southwick
Jimmy Scott diorama by Alix Tobey Southwick

Jimmy Scott - Sycamore Trees

David Lynch on Jimmy Scott

Jimmy Scott on “Sessions At West 54th St.” (August 21, 1998)

Antony (Antony & The Johnsons), Laurie Anderson (Lou's wife), Bette Midler, Jimmy Scott, Lou Reed, & David Bowie
Antony (Antony & The Johnsons), Laurie Anderson (Lou Reed’s wife), Bette Midler, Jimmy Scott, Lou Reed, & David Bowie

Jimmy Scott by Daniel Edlen (?@vinylart)
Jimmy Scott by Daniel Edlen (@vinylart)

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Why would you post/promote Rising Above the Blues or I Go Back Home (same thing) when the foreign producer scammed Jimmy & the Public? Jimmy never supported this project, he was treat badly and used. That guy had no intention of honoring the contract or anything else. Jimmy received ZERO royalties! That guy waited for Jimmy to die to release it so he could make more money, his own words. Then charged the public more money for a signed CD, well Jimmy never signed any CD’s, the signature was fake. Jimmy died in 2014, the record/CD was released in 2017. I know David Lynch cared about Jimmy Scott, I don’t think he would like it if he knew the truth. Plus the whole project was a lie because Jimmy NEVER had any type of relationship with that guy, he never trusted him fully, he was right!
    Jeanie Scott
    (Mrs. Jimmy Scott)

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