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The latest Twin Peaks and David Lynch news, art, music, events, and more


Twin Peaks Soundtrack Cover Designs

The recently relaunched davidlynch.com is absolutely great, don't get me wrong, but when you purchase a song or bundle, it doesn't include a single or album cover like in the good old days of vinyl, or CDs. In case you miss the visual reference, Ross has you covered with his cool Twin Peaks Soundtrack Design blog.
The Double R Club: Miss Twin Peaks Contest

Miss Twin Peaks Pageant 2011

The Double R Club, organisers of damn fine Lynchian burlesque and cabaret since 2009, are throwing their 2nd annual Miss Twin Peaks Contest on June 16th 2011. The beauty pageant from another place will be a tournament between the beauteous and the bestial, the feminine and the feral, all played out in a world of dreams.
Twin Peaks nail art

Twin Peaks Nail Art

Nail art doesn't involve sliding cut-out letters under the nail (that's just psychopath behavior), but it's the craft of drawing pictures on acrylic nails which can then be stuck on top of natural ones. This calls for an example, like this Twin Peaks inspired set of nails!
Black Lodge pixel art

If There Were A Twin Peaks Video Game

I remember when I was a kid, you know, dividing my heaps of leisure time between Princess Zelda and Laura Palmer, I always hoped somebody would make a game adaptation of Twin Peaks. And for a while, there were indeed crazy rumors going around that Hi Tech Expressions was to release a Twin Peaks video game...
Moby on David Lynch

Moby On David Lynch And His Killer Bob Facebook Profile Picture

Without Twin Peaks, nobody might've ever heard of Moby. It was the Laura Palmer's Theme-sampling Go that put Richard Melville Hall (that's his real name) on the map of 90s electronic music. Luckily for us, the Harlem-born musician went on to do (even) great(er) stuff. In a recent interview by The Creators Project, Moby mentions Twin Peaks and its creator, David Lynch.
David Lynch Wild At Heart Burlesque

The Pink Room: Wild At Heart Burlesque

Sailors and Lulas in New York, listen up! The monthly The Pink Room burlesque night at the Parkside Lounge is going Wild At Heart on Wednesday, May 25th 2011.
Directed by David Lynch GIF Animation

Directed By David Lynch GIF

Can I dedicate a post to a single, animated GIF? If it loops Directed by David Lynch TV and movie opening credits, of course I can!
Twin Peaks Podcast #6

Twin Peaks Podcast #5

The fifth episode of Twin Peaks, The One-Armed Man (directed by Tim Hunter and written by Robert Engels) is the topic of discussion in the most recent Twin Peaks Podcast.

Dark Mood Woods, A Dictaphone Recording

While working on the music for Twin Peaks, Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch often used a dictaphone to record the proceedings in order to catch the evolution of ideas. In fact, it is because of this practice that this recording even exists.

Beware Of Bob Sign, Chicago

You know you must beware of Bob, right? Because he's everwhere! Oh, and I may be the only one not talking about Bob Marley today... or did I just? Flickr use
Double R Diner Jukebox

Double R Diner Music Bundle

Another very exciting music release today over at davidlynch.com: the RR Diner Bundle, sampling of jukebox tracks that were included as the sonic backdrop of the RR Diner.
article placeholder

Americana, Love Theme & Mysterioso #2

In case you haven't visited davidlynch.com during the past few weeks, you might want to check out these new Twin Peaks songs which include one of my all-time favorites: Americana.
Twin Peaks Podcast #6

Twin Peaks Podcast #4

Another episode of the Twin Peaks Podcast is now available. In fifty-four minutes, the podcast crew comments on episode 4 (Rest In Pain), written by Harley Peyton and directed by Tina Rathborne.
Twin Peaks Pinball Machines

Twin Peaks Pinball Machines

When watching Twin Peaks episode Arbitrary Law, I've always been curious about the two pinball machines near the entrance of The Roadhouse.
Twin Peaks Podcast #6

Twin Peaks Podcast #3

The third edition of the Twin Peaks Podcast is out, covering the 3rd episode (Zen, Or The Skill To Catch A Killer) in nearly 75 minutes.