As many Twin Peaks collectors know, the original LP editions of the Soundtrack from Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me are rather hard to find and usually pretty expensive when they pop up on eBay. But Death Waltz Recording Company is here to help fans of the analog sound, as they are about to reissue both ’90s albums.

Soundtrack from Twin Peaks LP album cover used in the Welcome to Twin Peaks project

The Soundtrack from Twin Peaks will be pressed onto a red, cherry-colored vinyl. Angelo Badalamenti‘s soundtrack for the movie —the best soundtrack ever and not just according to me— will be released on a coffee-colored record. We all know Dale Cooper takes his coffee black as midnight on a moonless night, but let’s assume they won’t go for the standard color of vinyl and rather something brownish.

Expect a release date and photos of the David Lynch approved artwork soon. Label head Spencer Hickman assured us they’ll press enough copies to go round!

If there are any vinyl copies of the ’90s releases available on eBay, you’ll find them here. And for those wondering: the Season Two Music And More album has never been released on vinyl and there are currently no plans for such a release.

LATEST UPDATE (February 2015): Death Waltz Records said they’re ironing out a few kinks but are ready to annouce VERY soon.

The vinyl reissues will arrive early 2015. Expect more details regarding this release soon!

How the Twin Peaks Theme and Into The Night sound on vinyl

Thanks to Vinylkaboom for both videos!

Via Hat tip to Alison and everyone else who forwarded me this info.

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Twin Peaks OST Soundtrack - LP Vinyl - 1990 David Lynch Angelo Badalamenti Current Price: $33.95
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Ending: 16 hrs 56 mins
TWIN PEAKS soundtrack david lynch angelo badalamenti julee cruise LP PS EX+/EX+ Current Price: $99.99
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 8 days 10 hrs 37 mins
TWIN PEAKS Soundtrack OST LP Angelo Badalamenti David Lynch WARNER BROS 1990 EX+ Current Price: $49.99
# of Bids: 1
Ending: 5 days 19 hrs 6 mins
Julee Cruise Floating Into The Night 180gm Vinyl LP Record twin peaks soundtrack Current Price: $27.99
# of Bids: 0
Ending: 13 days 22 hrs 43 mins
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