CANAL+ To Air The New Twin Peaks In France Starting May 25

Twin Peaks Canal+ France

I guess we know the new happy hour in France!

Starting May 22, CANAL+ subscribers in France will be able to watch the new Twin Peaks every Monday night at at 10:50 PM, just under 20 hours after the original Showtime broadcast in the U.S.

UPDATE: CANAL+ has pushed back the French TV premiere to 10:25 PM on May 25, the same day Twin Peaks screens at the Cannes Film Festival with David Lynch in attendance.

The CANAL+ SÉRIES channel will then re-air every episode on Tuesdays at 20:50 PM beginning May 23rd. Twin Peaks will also be available through MyCANAL for offline viewing, and the original two seasons will run on CANAL+ SÉRIES from May 13 through 22.

This is part of a deal between CANAL+ and CBS Studios International, making the French premium cable channel the exclusive home of new Showtime content.

Welcome to Twin Peaks has reached out to CANAL+ to find out whether Twin Peaks will be aired with French subtitles or dubbed in French, so expect an answer soon.

The first two parts of the new series will also be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in France, although a date hasn’t been announced yet.

Twin Peaks on CANAL+ & Les séries CANAL+

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. As a french and knowing of what Canal + became from a year (or 2), I’m not pleased with this announcement.

    • Cyril,

      Would you please expand on your concerns? My wife’s family lives in France, so I have some experience with Canal+, but I’d love to hear more from you about it.

  2. Sure. Canal + is owned by Vivendi which has a CEO named Vincent Bolloré. This guy fired many elements that made this channel, a truly beautiful thing. On the other thing, he’s trying to acquire the french video game publisher Ubisoft.

    So, it upsets me to subscribe in a channel owned by some corporate guys, even for Twin Peaks…

  3. They fired guys who made some programs really famous, one of those is on air from more than 20 years, for exemple and changed them for guys less competent. Then, they hired guys out of the mind of people who created Canal +.

  4. Meanwhile, Latin America is in complete darkness regarding the new episodes of Twin Peaks. Still waiting for a last minute surprise announcement, but it’s strange since we get to see way more “niche” series being aired almost simultaneously with the U.S… go figure.

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