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Rest In Peace, Peggy Lipton (1946-2019)

Peggy Lipton has passed away at the age of 72.
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Peggy Lipton, who we all know and love as Double R Diner owner Norma Jennings in Twin Peaks, has died of cancer on Saturday, May 11, 2019. She also starred in The Mod Squad and had various roles in film and TV, from The Alfred Hitchcock Hour to House of Lies, in addition to a career in music.

A statement from her daughters Rashida and Kidada Jones as published by the Los Angeles Times:

“She made her journey peacefully with her daughters and nieces by her side. We feel so lucky for every moment we spent with her. We can’t put all of our feelings into words right now, but we will say: Peggy was and will always be our beacon of light, both in this world and beyond. She will always be a part of us.”

Norma, I’ll see you in my dreams.

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Big Ed and Norma in Twin Peaks: The Return (2017)

David Lynch and Peggy Lipton on the set of Twin Peaks in 1989 and 2015

Norma Jennings behind the counter of her Double R Diner in the 1990 Twin Peaks pilot

Double R Diner - Norma Jennings

Norma Jennings and Big Ed Hurley (Everett McGill)

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  1. Sheldon Sturges says:

    I have been madly in love with Peggy Lipton since I was eight years old, when I first saw her on The Mod Squad. She was beautiful, and ethereal. R.I.P, Ms. Lipton.

  2. Trudy says:

    So sorry for your loss I really liked her

  3. Cy Hatch says:

    Memories of Pete Linc and Julie in Mod Squad. Peggy Lipton was pretty and captivating. RIP.

  4. Dan Corley says:

    She was great in Dukes Of Hazzard too

  5. Wallace Butts says:

    My heart is with the family as I share their pain experiencing the same as my mother endures this hateful disease. I pray God stays with you and make you strong as I say the same
    Prayer for myself.
    Love always…

  6. James Lorcan says:

    Beautiful wonderful actress Peggy.
    Desperately sad at your passing.
    Her craft of acting was effortless.
    It is no wonder or surprise as to why so many Twin Peaks fans like myself loved her. God bless her and my sympathies and condolences to her family xx

  7. Bobby 1979 says:

    Twin Peaks was ruined in season 3, and with Peggy Lipton now gone, it is forever dead.

  8. Franco says:

    Ho amato la dolcezza di Peggy.

  9. Jakob says:

    Growing up watching Twin Peaks I always had a secret crush on Norma Jennings. So much kindness and love in those eyes. RIP Peggy xoxo

  10. Laurenssia says:

    Theres never gonna be a new masterpiece of twin peaks the 90s tv series. I know I am selfish to admit that thanks to very low sale in the usa the tv series got its entrance easily into my country’s tv…a newly democratic become country..in th east of europe which have been on screen on our public national tv channel. I remember I was a little girl , it was bedtime ,at my grandparents’ house and I had to sleep but my mom and grandma they were watching it..I can strongly say that the soundtrack really caught me from the beginning, it was so deep, so mysterious I really wanted to get to know more byt I wasnt allowed by them..they said I wldnt understand much…I cldnt even read the subtitle that fast since i was in primary school fresh years of it, well. Ine thing was clear to me the song really penetrated my mind so deep even though i wldnt know the title of tv series those times i cld recognise it later on , but i jnew it somehow cause i asled my grandma anywagys that song it was really meant to be! The 90s tv series really are a masterpiece .. a seducing old fashioned city twin peaks ,, very mysterious and emotional while we get to know the people living jn it and we get so close to them we even get to know all about their lives ,secrets and evils. Apparently a blessed city where they seem to deal with paranormal activities from time to time where they need to decode some messages. Cooper! Young Cooper , an example of goodness and virtues, where he is gifted thru dreams to discover more and be influenced by the events. He fell in love with the city, he feels like he belings there…cause it s a special city and he is like he actually returned home. …now all city depends on his investigations..and he earns everyone s trust n respect..he s a good example , a force of power , where light dominates inside . It s about evil, that we needed to fight to all time…people had to do not only with murder, the capital sin, evil is everywhere in their small cheating, delapidating acts and so on…they guve evil a name Bob…we then thru the episode are wolcome to see and analyse thru all its aspects laura s death but also life, a young teen who sadly was caught in ppl s misery and dirty things…. he was weak to fight with it…and everything is a mystery, a story,emotional aspects of life itself…it s not only about gross murders, the transition from one scene to another was so calculated, everythings was a masterpiece.
    As excited and passionated, fascinated i was waiting for new season and so on, i was really sad they put it on hold their work,projects….sometimes is juat that you really need to let yourself free and listen to your gut instinct. I was so dissapointed the 2017 series sucked, literally sucked!! I was horrified, tortured i need a lot of patience to watch it then i fast forward it when i was on the limit of borders, its a different movie which wanted to copy elements from twin peaks thats what i got in mind. Those who contributed at the screen, writting whatever they didnt underatand anything, the way they show the action and all that is so gross, nothing to do with what is really twin pekas, i was conpletely and very deep disappointed. Cooper getting into all that shitty scenes, byt from the beggining the show didnt promise me anything, it was so gross…they ruined jt. We see scenes shot somewhere else other then twin peaks it wasnt anymore about twin peaks, so many gross murders nothing to know about the person s stories what led to, nothing emotional, to make us sensitive i was just bleah, explicit bodies exposed, really noisy background music, they wasted a lot of time making a bad nasty version of cooper then the real one he got amnesia and all that, he discovered there was the 3rd one there really ahitty, and gross and useless. We re moved fast from one senseless, worthless scene to another. Shereif truman has his brother in his place but it seems that he is also a sherrif?? How come he got to twin peaks?? What happened there?? I was seeing a different story, if they made a publish statement we fans we cld contribute to it, i cld have written my ideas for free i dont even want money. I was disappointed. I cld see a different part where cooper gets back , a bit of evil caught him, but he fought against it, the other guy who appears in his dream helps him and he needs to decode the dreams meanwhile he hides it from ppl there, he investigates what happens to her young teen admirer, i wld have kept diane just as a voice. Cooper was way too too proffessional he wldnt let himself get into a relationshop with her…we see scenes of love with him n diane wtf?? They moved the action else where. We hear buggs died, was murdered whne he was an important key in twin peaks he discovered and reported to cooper s boss so many paranormal events that took place there. We need to keep the valuable characters, and keep the virtues even if we fight against evil, metaphorical bob. They didnt get anything from twin peaks thats for sure and they killed it. If only I cld erase everything from 2017 like never existed.

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