Rashida Jones Would Check Under Her Bed For Killer Bob Every Night Until College

In a conversation with Interview Magazine, actress Rashida Jones briefly talks about spending time as a teenager on the set of Twin Peaks with her mom, Peggy Lipton (Norma Jennings).

EMMA BROWN: How old were you when your mother was doing Twin Peaks?


EB: Did you get to watch it?

RJ: Yes, I would go to set a lot. I was totally obsessed with the show and in fact, I was terrified of Bob. Until I was 17, I would check under my bed every night, which is deranged for a teenager. I finally got up the nerve to introduce myself to him (Frank Silva) on set, because I was like, I have to get over this, and he was so nice. Thank God, because I didn’t want to go to college with that. [laughs]

Mother and daughter. Photo by Nicolas Moore.

Peggy and Rashida revisit their Jewish past on NBC’s Who Do You Think You Are?


Written by Pieter Dom

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