Kyle MacLachlan Enters Twin Peaks And TikTok In One Fell Swoop (And On His Exercise Bike)

Watch Kyle MacLachlan’s DIY recreation of Dale Cooper’s opening monologue for #TwinPeaksDay 2020

Always eager for fun on social media, Kyle MacLachlan today decided to launch his brand new TikTok account in the most Twin Peaks way ever. At exactly 11:30 AM (Pacific Time) on Twin Peaks Day, the actor shared a video of him reenacting FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper’s arrival in town at the very same time, only 31 years later with a few more grey hairs. This time, he’s not behind the wheel of his 1981 Dodge Diplomat… but on his exercise bike in front of a hand-painted cardboard backdrop full of Douglas firs. Yes, they’re really something.

UPDATE: Scroll down for Kyle’s “making of” video.

@kyle_maclachlanDiane, it’s 11:30 am, February 24th. Entering the town of #TwinPeaks…and TikTok.Tag me in your duets today and I’ll share some of my favorites ????? original sound – kyle_maclachlan

With his first TikTok video, the actor is inviting Twin Peaks fans on the popular short-form video-sharing platform to share their duets using Coop’s famous opening monologue for a chance to get featured. There’s a Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic and a number of fans holding a damn fine cup of coffee, but so far, this duet by @withdropsofjupiter as Audrey Horne in the backseat takes the cake!

@withdropsofjupiter#duet with kyle_maclachlan Audrey’s a little restless… are we there yet, Agent Cooper? ??? #twinpeaks #twinpeaksday #FrostedFeelings #fyp #coop? original sound – kyle_maclachlan

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Kyle MacLachlan first joined fans in celebrating #TwinPeaksDay back in 2015, but this is definitely the most elaborate and accurate recreation of his character’s opening scene he has done since. The very same moment Kyle published this video, fans gathered at the filming location of the Welcome to Twin Peaks sign in Snoqualmie, WA, to live stream the exact same lines.

Twin Peaks Day 2020 Live

On Twin Peaks Day, join Bookhouse Boy Karl Reinsch and fellow Twin Peaks fans *LIVE* at the Welcome to Twin Peaks sign spot at exactly 11:30 AM (Pacific Northwest time).

Posted by Welcome to Twin Peaks on Monday, February 24, 2020

The ‘Making Of’ Kyle MacLachlan’s first TikTok video

@kyle_maclachlanA #behindthescenes look at yesterday’s #twinpeaks day set ??? Tell me your favorite set piece in the comments below ?? Buttercup – MixAndMash

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