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Twin Peaks Pillows: I’ll See You In My Dreams

Suddenly, it was 25 years later. I was old, sitting in a red room. There was a midget in a red suit and a beautiful woman. The midget told me that my favorite gum was coming back into style, and didn’t his cousin look exactly like Laura Palmer, which she did.

—Special Agent Dale Cooper about the dream he had the night before.

Black Lodge Pillows

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Even when the identity of a serial killer is revealed to him in a most disturbing dream, Special Agent Dale Cooper manages to “keep calm and dream on.”

As an homage to the coffee-obsessed Zen Master, here’s a Twin Peaks pillow set, partly inspired by the famous “Keep Calm and Carry On” World War II slogan and redesigned with the dream in mind that changed television forever. You have the zig zag/chevron Black Lodge floors, the dancing dwarf and Cooper’s hair when he wakes up from a clue-filled dream, only to make a brief phone call to the sheriff and then forget the most important piece of information. That last design is also available as an iPhone case and t-shirt. Designs without the text are also available.

Aren’t these Black Lodge pillows a Twin Peaks fan’s dream?
Keep Calm And Dream On - Twin Peaks Black Lodge Pillows

Keep Calm And Dream On - Twin Peaks Black Lodge Pillows

Keep Calm And Dream On - Twin Peaks Black Lodge Pillows

“You mean that FBI Agent? Dream on.”
—Donna Hayward (to Audrey Horne)

The Black Lodge pillows are available in three sizes (16″/18″/20″) and with or without an insert.

» Purchase the Basic Black Lodge pillow here.

» Purchase the Man From Another Place silhouette pillow here.

» Purchase the Dale Cooper’s Hair silhouette pillow here.

» Purchase the Keep Calm And Dream On (Cooper’s Hair) pillow here.

» Purchase the Keep Calm And Dream On (Man From Another Place) pillow here.

» Purchase the Keep Calm And Dream On (Black Lodge Floor) pillow here.

As a bonus, here’s a song by Goddamn Electric Bill called “Cooper’s Dreams.” Sweet dreams!


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Twin Peaks Pillows: I'll See You In My Dreams

Twin Peaks pillow set inspired by Dale Cooper's dream and visit to the Black Lodge.

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