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Clay Becomes Lynch: Time-Lapse Making Of A David Lynch Bust (Video)

Ever since Georgy Kolychev decided to create an artistic birthday gift for his sister, the Russian-based sculptor has really gotten into making tabletop busts of artists and cult icons. His collection so far includes David Bowie, Lemmy and The Dude. Georgy’s latest addition? David Lynch. A personal favorite of his.

And he made a time-lapse video showing the entire creative process from modeling to painting the David Lynch bust. Handmade using high-strength gypsum, the desktop bust is 6.7″ high (17 cm) and weighs about 28 oz (800 grams).

The David Lynch bust is currently available for purchase on eBay, while most of the other handmade busts are listed on Etsy.

David Lynch Bust Modeling Time-Lapse

David Lynch bust David Lynch bust with film rolls David Lynch bust and Twin Peaks poster
If you like this, definitely have a peek at Carl Lyon’s incredible David Lynch bust as well.

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Clay Becomes Lynch: Time-Lapse Making Of A David Lynch Bust (Video)

Time-lapse video showing the entire handmade process from modeling to painting a desktop David Lynch bust.

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