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Fire Bern With Me: David Lynch Endorses Bernie Sanders

David Lynch is feeling the Bern.

On a break from filming the new Twin Peaks, the director took it to Twitter to declare his support for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders with the following brief message.

For whatever it’s worth, the endorsement comes just a few days after Bernie Sanders had a somewhat Lynchian encounter with a bird in Portland, O-REE-GOOON.

Bernie bird

Here’s Bernie’s likely response to David Lynch’s support:

UPDATE: What if David Lynch directed a campaign ad for Bernie Sanders? Funny Or Die took the endorsement a step further with this spoof.

Four years ago, David Lynch asked American voters to re-elect Barack Obama in a slightly more elaborate message in which he pointed out that the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, spelled bad news. Here’s that message again for those who missed it.

Dear Americans, Republicans, and Democrats Alike,

I am going to vote for re-electing President Obama. I have noticed something in Mitt Romney’s name, which I think speaks to what he is about. If you just rearrange a few letters, Romney becomes R MONEY. I believe Mitt Romney wants to get his Mitts on R Money. He would like to get it and divide it up with his friends, the Big Money Bunch.

I believe he would like to get his Mitts on R Money, R Resources, R Freedoms, and R American Dream. I do not trust Mitt Romney to look after the best interests of 99% of Americans. I think electing Mitt Romney would be a catastrophe for our country—one which would be real difficult to straighten out later. Please do not let Mitt Romney get his Mitts on R Money or R United States of America.


Los Angeles, California

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Fire Bern With Me: David Lynch Endorses Bernie Sanders


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